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611Team RoboRally results for Game 26, 14 Feb 2010, second game of new season

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  • bobroscow
    Feb 16, 2010

      Game 26 of 14 February 2010  (Game 2 of 2010 season)   (Won by killing all of other team).

      (Sorry it doesn't transfer well in layout from my Word to this post).


      A one-off of 5 vs 5.  Mayhem.


      Good Guys:    (2nd, 6th, 11th, 14th and 31st in Eternal League)

      AllanM     Won, dead, killed AndrewM and RichardB, killed by board       6 pts

      JosepA      Won, dead, killed by RichardB                                                     4 pts

      BobR         Won, dead, killed by GianniC                                                      4 pts

      TonyD       Won, survived, killed GianniC                                                     6 pts

      HannesS     Won, dead, pushed GianniC off board, killed by board              5 pts

      9 of 10 robots died.


      JosepA killed by RichardB.

      BobR killed by GianniC.

      AndrewM killed by AllanM.

      RichardB killed by AllanM.

      GianniC killed by TonyD.



      Bad Guys:    (1st, 7th, 13th, 22nd and new-player GianniC)

      StuartF      Lost, dead, killed by board                                               0 pts

      AndrewM Lost, dead, killed by AllanM                                            0 pts

      RichardB   Lost, dead, killed JosepA, killed by AllanM                1 pt

      KeithD       Lost, dead, killed by friendly fire                                     0 pts

      GianniC      Lost, dead, MVP, killed BobR, killed by TonyD          2 pts


      "It was …… emotional."  (VJ in my favourite movie LSATSB).

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