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613Re: Team RoboRally results for Game 26, 14 Feb 2010, second game of new season

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  • amertner
    Feb 16, 2010

      After I posted the latest results, someone asked why the 2010 results looked like they did - and in asking that question uncovered a bug in my spreadsheet.

      The effect is both miniscule and big at the same time.  It's small because it simply swapped two players around towards the bottom of the 2010 league table.

      It's big because the correct version (now available here) has StuartF at the BOTTOM of the table.  Of course, StuartF is still at the TOP of the eternal league and is likely to remain there - but the recent game shows that he contrary to popular belief indeed is not invincible! :)

      Further questions or corrections?   Please just let me know :)


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