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619Team Roborally result of Game 27 of 16/3/10

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  • bobroscow
    Mar 18, 2010

      TomR causes StuartF's robot a right pain in the rear-inspection plate!

       Of the 7 due, there was one off-sick and one no-show.  So up stepped the super-sub, my son TomR, to make it 3 vs 3.  StuartF, TobyT and AndrewS  vs  BobR, KeithD and TomR.

      KeithD and BobR immediately realised that top player StuartF would come piling towards our flag;  so of course we headed away from StuartF as fast as our wheels could carry us, and left TomR alone to defend against StuartF.  Oh, and also against TobyT, also headed for TomR and our flag.

      Mind you, the bad guys had done the same in mirror image:  StuartF and TobyT piled forward (I think StuartF advised TobyT to hang around the centre while StuartF got the flag unimpeded by further shots on him from team-mate TobyT), leaving new guy AndrewS to defend their flag against KeithD and BobR.

      Both plans "worked":  KeithD and BobR danced past sole defender AndrewS and got flags, while StuartF and later TobyT danced past TomR and got flags.  It would be a race back …

      But getting back can be harder than getting there.  Sure enough, AndrewS came good, shot and pushed BobR, making his (my) remaining orders a wild ride of nonsense, and leaving me with too few cards each turn.  So it was a race between KeithD and StuartF, with StuartF ahead on distance, and TobyT lying third with a reserve flag.

      There was a magical scene.  Picture it.  StuartF and KeithD pass right past each other on adjacent long conveyorbelts, KeithD heading south, StuatF heading north, but Stuart about one turn ahead on distance.  Except that Stuart has a damaged BobR sitting at the step-off from his conveyor, BobR and StuartF shooting each other till BobR died.  But also, StuartF had TomR BEHIND him on that long conveyor, shooting shot after shot into his rear-panel.  TomR did enough damage on StuartF to leave him few cards by the time he completed his conveyor-ride  - too few cards to pick from to get right the last stretch to home.  So, StuartF having been slowed just enough by TomR, KeithD got home first for the good guys team of KeithD, BobR and TomR (who had hit StuartF so many times that he got MVP as well.)

      Team-work!  KeithD never put a wheel wrong, and TomR defended against StuartF just well enough to give KeithD the time to catch up and win.  Bobr's (my) role in the team was mainly, er, well, to get killed but carried to victory by my team-mates.

      Game 27 of  16 March  2010   (Game 3 of 2010 season)

      Bad Guys:

      StuartF     Lost, survived, carried flag, killed BobR      3 pts

      TobyT      Lost, survived, carried flag                                 2 pts

      AndrewS  Lost, survived                                                          1 pt


      Good Guys:

      BobR         Won, killed by StuartF                                 4 pts

      KeithD       Won, survived, planted flag                      6 pts

      TomR         Won, survived, MVP                        6 pts

      In due course, I think AllanM will update the league-tables.  TomR is looking forward to reaching about 8th after 1 game.  StuartF climbs off the bottom of the 2010 league, and I think still holds his top-spot in the Eternal league ... probably only until he runs up against TomR again!

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