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624Re: [lbgc] Re: Team Roborally result of Game 28 of 21/3/10

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  • davebullions@hotmail.com
    Apr 3, 2010
      Hi Allan
      Regarding your experiment, I have just received this email on my Blackberry phone and I can see both of the tables, so well done!
      What is not so impressive is my position in the league table, but c'est la vie !

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      From: "amertner" <allan@...>
      Date: Sat, 03 Apr 2010 13:40:20 -0000
      To: <lbgc@...>
      Subject: [lbgc] Re: Team Roborally result of Game 28 of 21/3/10


      Interesting game!  I have updated the league tables, and with everyone on the winning side gaining 7 points, the result is quite a lot of movement.

      The biggest surprise probably is that while BobR won and gained 7 points, he moved DOWN one in the rankings!  He managed this exceptional feat because TonyD zoomed past almost everryone and ended up on an overall 4th place in the Eternal league, after just 3 games :-)

      I have uploaded the new rankings to the Photos section of Yahoo as usual, here: http://uk.groups. yahoo.com/ group/lbgc/ photos/album/ 69206578/ pic/list

      At the  same time, I wanted to experiment and see if I could include a version of the pictures in the mail directly - the attempt is below.  It works on my system but if it doesn't on yours, please let me know!  Note that the pictures I include here are for the latest game, so if you look at this email in a long time you will see the latest results rather than the ones related to Game 28...

      Comments welcome - the scores below speak for themselves :)


      Eternal League results

      And the 2010 league results too: 2010 League resultsUntil next time!

      --- In lbgc@yahoogroups. co.uk, "bobroscow" <bobroscow@.. .> wrote:
      > Game 28 of 21 March 2010 (Game 4 of 2010 season)
      > Another interesting classic!
      > AndrewM's team of AndrewM, DaveB and RichardB (12, 13 and 21 in League) vs BobR's team of BobR, TonyD and AndrewS (7, 19 and 31 in the League).
      > Strategy is always hilariously retrospective in TeamRR, but it worked: AndrewS and TonyD did defence and middle, took out DaveB between them, and damaged and slowed flag-carrier AndrewM, while BobR went for the enemy flag. BobR fought with RichardB from one flag-base to the other, ended up more damaged, but made it to plant the flag. Definitely a team effort, or else AndrewM would have got home before BobR. Credit equally shared - points, too.
      > Bad Guys:
      > AndrewM Lost, survived, carried flag 2pts
      > DaveB Lost, killed by AndrewS 0 pts
      > RichardB Lost, surv, carried flag 2 pts
      > Good Guys:
      > BobR Won, surv,planted flag, pushed RichardB off own flagbase 7 pts
      > TonyD Won, surv, Rainbow, joint-MVP 7 pts
      > AndrewS Won, surv, killed DaveB, joint-MVP 7 pts
      > AllanM will update league tables in due course.

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