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626Re: Team RoboRally result of Game 29 of 28/3/2010

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  • amertner
    Apr 5, 2010
      The league tables have been updated with these results, which see Josep leab back to a 3rd place in the Eternal league, and Toby T jump up 14 places to 15th!

      In the 2010 league, Bob R is pushed downn to 3rd place by Tony D, who inches ahead again.  Josep moves up to 4th place, poised to move up further, and Toby T is right behind him in 5th.

      As last time, I include a link to a publicly accessible version of the most recent league tables below.

      Eternal League results

      And the 2010 league results:

      2010 League results

      Allan the scorekeeper

      PS: If anyone is interested in the XLS spreadsheet behind this to see how it is all calculated and perhaps make use of it somewhere else, please just ask.  It's less simple than it may seem at first glance :)

      --- In lbgc@..., "bobroscow" <bobroscow@...> wrote:
      > Game 29 of 28 March 2010 (Game 5 of 2010 season)
      > This game was picked when we had an hour left at the end, and was started in theory as just a friendly, not-for-league, since one of the 6 was Matthias, a one-off holiday-visitor friend of HannesS, not joining the league. But not counting it would be unfair on JosepA and TobyT, so we'll count it! (We just won't insert Matthias into the league places, never to be seen again).
      > Bad Guys
      > Cap'n JosepA Won, survived, killed MartyB 6 pts
      > TobyT Won, surv, planted flag 6 pts
      > Matthias"X" Won, surv, Rainbow, MVP 7 pts
      > Good Guys
      > Cap'n BobR Lost, surv, carried flag 2 pts
      > TomR Lost survived 1 pt
      > MartyB Lost, killed by JosepA, Rainbow 1 pt
      > Scorekeeper AllanM will update the league tables in due course.
      > BobR
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