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82RE: [lbgc] Wooden Ships and Iron Men (or the reverse)

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  • David Bullions
    Jul 3, 2006
      Hi Bob
      I have WS&IM.
      Haven't played it for many years or had it out of the cupboard for many
      years, so not sure what condition its in. Also I will have to re-read the
      rules. I seem to remember the game involved a fair bit of "book-keeping".
      I will dig it out and bring it along one day (not the next meeting as I will
      be on holiday).
      By the way, thanks for last nights session. Very enjoyable.

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      >Subject: [lbgc] Wooden Ships and Iron Men (or the reverse)
      >Date: Mon, 03 Jul 2006 11:08:13 -0000
      >I've been recommended to try it. Allan saw my "Broadside" game still
      >out on the table, which Andrew and Darren had genuinely liked a lot,
      >and said I should try this Iron Ships Wooden Men.
      >I'd like to try it. I like the galleon theme. Apparently (pace
      >Gordon), WSIM is rather more combat-only than my "Broadside" which is
      >a mix of trading and fighting ....
      >Anyway, before I might shell out for it, does anyone of us have it to
      >bring or lend?
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