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Team RoboRally match report, game of 9 Nov 2008

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    Last session, last week, 6 played Team RoboRally (see below), 4 played Galactic Emperor and TomasP won, 4 played Guillotine and DaveB won, 3 played Labyrinth
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      Last session, last week, 6 played Team RoboRally (see below), 4
      played Galactic Emperor and TomasP won, 4 played Guillotine and DaveB
      won, 3 played Labyrinth and Allan kinda won, after massive clever
      exchanges in the middle of the game; and 3 played Condottieri and
      TomasP won.

      The session of Team RoboRally was the most thrilling and nail-biting
      yet. Since I was watching rather than playing, there was no "Good
      Guys" Team. So, there was a "Bad Guys" Team (captain AndrewM with
      AllanM and HannesS), and an "Evil Guys" Team (captain StuartF with
      TomasP and DaveB). ;-)

      There were thrills everywhere. As always, it was a game that was 90%
      skill AND 90% luck ...

      StuartF and AllanM lined up opposing and facing each other on a long
      uninterrupted run. A game of Chicken, shooting each other as they
      advanced. Unfortunately for Allan, Stuart started with a repair-
      centre he could use en route, and the right cards to use it twice,
      while Allan had no such repair-centre en route, and, of course, lousy
      cards. So it was a game of Chicken between a 10-ton lorry and a
      family Skoda saloon ... When Allan finally veered away, Stuart
      turned too and chased him down ... Allan miraculously escaped death
      at the hands of Stuart, only to be finally given the coup-de-grace by
      DaveB who popped up in just the right/wrong place to finish him off.
      Still, AllanM had, of course, done a sterling job for the
      Andrew/Allan/Hannes team, by distracting StuartF from the main job of
      getting flags for the Stuart/Tomas/Dave team ... we thought.

      Meanwhile, in another part of the field, things had been going very
      WELL for the Andrew/Allan/Hannes team - HannesS, who had never
      played TeamRR before, but had played normal/boring RR a lot, danced
      and spun and waltzed his way through conveyors to the
      Stuart/Tomas/Dave flagbase, picked up a flag early and with ease, and
      headed towards the middle flagbase for an easy win for the
      Andrew/Allan/Hannes team ...

      But Stuart's team-mates TomasP and DaveB came good. DaveB, after
      hilariously throwing himself into a pit, scored a hit or two on flag-
      carrying Hannes as he wheeled by. When TomasP followed and chased
      down Hannes, he added to DaveB's hits on Hannes, just enough to limit
      Hannes in his cards; Hannes passed over the winning middle flagbase
      a couple of times, but was not able to LAND on it for the win ...

      So, while TomasP (for team Stuart/Tomas/Dave) was just about holding
      off Hannes from a win for Hannes/Allan/Andrew, this gave StuartF time
      to switch from persecuting AllanM to the real business - getting an
      enemy flag and rushing to the middle base before Hannes could get to
      plant his flag there.

      It was touch and go. AndrewM was trying to get in Stuart's way -
      but DaveB re-entered the fray, after fun on the conveyors, to come
      off a conveyor and push AndrewM out of the way - AndrewM then went
      haywire in the wrong direction, since the push by DaveB destroyed the
      logic of his orders. Now, Stuart had "only" to get to the middle-
      flagbase, hoping that teammate Tomas could continue to deny it to
      Hannes for long enough. Not quite so easy; Stuart still had team-
      mate DaveB directly in his way; but shooting each other a time or
      two, and Stuart pushing his team-mate DaveB off the board, soon
      solved that and left the way clear, via a pit. Hannes (for team
      Andrew/Allan/Hannes) was STILL trying for that last winning move,
      harried by Tomas for team Stuart/Tomas/Dave, when Stuart caught up
      and, despite his team looking way behind the endgame for a while,
      sneaking a knife-edge win for the Evil Guys, StuartF, TomasP and
      DaveB, all of whom contributed to making it: Dave B reduced Hannes
      enough for TomasP to stave him off, and pushed Andrew out off-course
      from stopping Stuart; TomasP held off Hannes from an early planting
      for a win, gaining time for Stuart to finally stop toying with Allan
      and go get a flag and go plant it for the win for Stuart/Tomas/Dave.
      Very much a team win. 90% by skill. Oh, and 90% by luck.

      That result changes the Team RR league table quite a bit. I'll
      update it on our www.lbgc.co.uk website when I have time.
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