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  • '1. ORIGINS. Slower than the evolution it reprsents, but without the excitement of sudden changes over only half a million years.' thats my first proper laugh of the day - nice one! wooden spoon - well i have no objection and i think it is only in fun. Besides 'if' a game i liked was voted wooden spoon then by definition you would all be wrong :) As for new game - i agree with Dave...
    Neil Parker Jan 7, 2008
  • A reminder that there is one week to go before the nominations phase ends. Question 1? Perikles was released in 2006 yet including myself there are 4 nominations for it as new game (i would add it as well to my list of two new games nominated). Shall we include in this category any game that was played for the first time at the club in 2007 as well those released/published in the...
    Neil Parker Jan 7, 2008
  • ...consideration. I look forward to the > voting. A fun thing to do, thanks Neil! > > Bob > > > > > > > > > > > --- In lbgc@^$2, "Neil Parker" welfarerights@> wrote: > > > > > > Ok chaps. Here's an idea. Lets vote for our favourite games for the > past > > year. > > > > Each member gets...
    Neil Parker Jan 3, 2008
  • When it comes to the vote stage here is what i had in mind: Each member to have up to 3 votes - to vote for a 1st, 2nd and 3rd place in each category - members can choose to use less than all 3 and eg just vote for a 1st place if they wish. Once all votes rec'd/voting closed, there are then 3 stages of elimination: 1. All 1st place votes are counted, with the lowest rank of games...
    Neil Parker Jan 2, 2008
  • Ok chaps. Here's an idea. Lets vote for our favourite games for the past year. Each member gets to nominate five candidates in each of four categories - a) Game of the Year (can be any game played); b) Best new game (published or released in 2007); c) Best game mechanic; and d) Best filler. To be eligible for a nomination, by any member, a game must have been played at least once...
    Neil Parker Dec 31, 2007
  • ...Horse Racing Game (& possibly Wings of War). What does everyone think ? Any other suggestions ? > > Dave > > To: lbgc@^$2 > From: welfarerights@^$3.. > Date: Wed, 19 Dec 2007 08:45:03 +0000 > Subject: [lbgc] Merry Xmas > > > > > > > > > > > > > > > > > > > > > I'm only at...
    Neil Parker Dec 19, 2007
  • I'm only at work today this week as there is an office lunch to be taken care of. So i'll wish you all now a Merry Xmas and a joyful New Year.
    Neil Parker Dec 19, 2007
  • Although i'm not in favour of league tables for the sake of it, i think one for Perikles sounds good. I'm not sure you need to give a bonus to a new player unless they are the only one. New players to a particular game can do quite well, depends on the game and some players do read up on the rules beforehand - i sometimes do which gives you familiarity. I do favour some method of...
    Neil Parker Dec 19, 2007
  • This may be of interest - http://www.em4miniatures.com/acatalog/Dice_.html Bought some dice from these people. Already have plenty of regular opaque (mainly d6s) and gem dice (various), but i wanted a batch of small dice that cause less clutter on the board. Got a mixture of opaque 10 mm and gem 12 mm (green and purple).
    Neil Parker Nov 20, 2007
  • There's a tip on BGG about TL Maxx selling cheap games. Picked up a copy of Perikles for £9.99. Not sure how good it is, but it has a fairly good BGG rating and its a Martin Wallace game. http://www.boardgamegeek.com/thread/236065
    Neil Parker Nov 12, 2007