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#lwsdeep tickets are now available

Hello everyone, Tickets for the next London Web Standards event are now available: http://lwsdeep.eventbrite.com/ Hopefully, we'll see you there. -jeff *HTML5
Jeff Van Campen
Sep 3, 2010

Design for the Future (#lwsfuture)

Hi everyone, ============================================August Event Tickets Available============================================ Tickets for the August
Jul 30, 2010

August Event: Design for the Future (#lwsfuture)

London Web Standards is pleased to announce our next event: Design for the Future with Andy Hume and
Jeff Van Campen
Jul 28, 2010

HTML5 Pub Lunch

Hello everyone, We wanted to let you know about an event that will be happening tomorrow afternoon. Short notice, we know, but it's likely to be a good one.
Jeff Van Campen
Jul 1, 2010

Getting Started in UX: Q&A with Andy Budd (#lwsux)

We're excited to announce our next event... Getting Started in UX: Q&A with Andy Budd http://lwsux.eventbrite.com - get a
Jun 25, 2010

July Event: Getting Started in UX: Q&A with Andy Budd

Hello everyone, As many of you already know, our July event will feature Andy Budd on UX. http://lwsux.eventbrite.com/ We're going to try a slightly different
Jeff Van Campen
Jun 17, 2010

The open web needs you

Hello everyone, I wanted to call you attention to the latest post on our blog:
Jeff Van Campen
Jun 15, 2010

HTML5 and Flash: beyond the hype

Hi Everyone, This month we're in the difficult one-in-four-yearly position of having to fit around the World Cup, it seems to be taking over pubs for the month
May 31, 2010

Fwd: London Web Standards & @media

Hi everyone, Today I received the following email from John Allsopp, one of the organisers of Web Directions @media. They've extended the LWS discount until
Jeff Van Campen
May 17, 2010

new javascript meetup

New JS meetup looks good - the founders are Dylan Schiemann of Dojo and Piotr Zalewa of MooTools (also www.JSFiddle.net - my favourite new web tool) First
Joe Lanman
May 10, 2010

Re: Announcing new venue for - Beautiful Design for Everyone

Oh dear, the lws meetings are becoming more and more hard to attend! bring it on!
May 2, 2010

Announcing new venue for - Beautiful Design for Everyone

Hi everyone, We're excited to announce our next event... ============================================ May Event Tickets Available & New Venue
Apr 30, 2010

LWS - April - The secrets of front-end performance

Hi everyone, On this sunny day, a couple of announcements. ============================================ April Event Tickets Available
Apr 9, 2010

LWS Updates: Events, Jobs, Design Competition & more

Hello everyone, We had another successful London Web Standards event last week. Thanks to both Frances Berriman (@phae) and Jake Archibald (@jaffathecake) for
Apr 4, 2010

Design competition vote

Hi everyone, The design competition voting page is finally up: http://www.londonwebstandards.org/design-competition-vote/
Apr 3, 2010
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