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Amanda Town
Dec 16, 2013
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Amanda Town
Jun 4, 2013
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Corinne Ho
Apr 2, 2013
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Corinne Ho
Apr 2, 2013
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Nicky C
Apr 1, 2013
Joan Pavlick http://ivcmail.co.in/sawwggb/izummaonyvzfzwv
Joan Pavlick
Mar 21, 2013
3/9/2013 10:34:05 AM http://www.perret-bureautique.com/wsamyu/qtr/mf/tpha/vwrhu/hsz 3/9/2013 10:34:05 AM Carol Barclay x
Carol Barclay
Mar 9, 2013
Corinne Ho http://www.loskutnica.com/yxwadnj/xzyauf9sdkcgxc792.urn8i?iw352rs73z5wtCorinne Ho2/27/2013 7:06:37 PM
Corinne Ho
Feb 27, 2013
Christmas house Just finished stitching the Christmas house, World of Cross Stitching magazine with Michael Powells chart in it..Love his designs! thank you so much! Lori
Dec 4, 2012
(no subject) http://www.abgsites.com.br/blog/wp-content/plugins/google.html?frg=qsd.jieg&mgo=wjog.ww&mbf=ejhn
Pirjo Kallioniemi
Sep 26, 2012
Re: Hi Amanda - i think your email has been hacked :( I'd change my passwords if i were you ;) love, Viv x On 30/07/2012 00:16, Amanda Town wrote:
Viv O'Leary
Jul 30, 2012
(no subject) http://www.ookisahaircare.com/templates/006/zpognsd.html?mvpamv=nktvkea
Amanda Town
Jul 29, 2012
Re: framed 3 of my Michael's christmas way to funny Julia - these were done in time for christmas last year but , fell and dislocated and fratured my elbow so was not amble. but now finally getting
Joan Pavlick
May 27, 2012
Re: framed 3 of my Michael's christmas That's different!  I did two of Mike's snow scenes two or three years ago, bought all the extras I needed to make them into mini quilts to hang at Christmas.
julia rees
May 27, 2012
framed 3 of my Michael's christmas Keep in mind this is only a preliminary framing. see here in thealbum
May 26, 2012
Re: So excited lol Julia you are to funny! know what you mean! but i am counting the days down! or up till they get here - I know my kits arrived that last time fairly quick.
Joan Pavlick
May 10, 2012
Re: So excited Seaside is the second set.  Of the first set my favourites are the Tuscan gardens.  The Secret Gardens and English village are (IMHO) just too finely
julia rees
May 10, 2012
Re: So excited Well I love to make cards mainly for swapping on swap bot so maybe I will create some more Michael Powell groupies! LOL!   Is the second set on line - the
Joan Pavlick
May 9, 2012
Re: So excited Great!  I have the first set and am waiting for the second.  The detail on them is terrific.  I tried them with coloured pencils, watercolours and
julia rees
May 9, 2012
So excited Just ordered my mother day gift to me!!!! Order the vinyl stamps! Cannot wait to get to make cards for my friends and family! Swaps - yay! Joan Pavlick
May 9, 2012
Papercrafting goodies I have tried the stamps and done several cards using the toppers and they are just divine! I love them and everyone will be getting a birthday card with
Mar 12, 2012
Re: Wishing you all... --Cheer! Cheer! stay safe and warm! Lori K in stitches!
Dec 30, 2011
Wishing you all... HAPPY AND SAFE NEW YEAR! JOAN P
Dec 30, 2011
Christmas door finally finished So finally finished with my christmas door - so I have the 3 MP christmas ones done so please go to my Blog and see
Nov 26, 2011
SO EXCITED New Charts on your website!!! OH MY!! So just out to Michaels' website and see the new chart section - ear marked the 2 christmas ones with lights for my next pay! Currently working on the
Nov 18, 2011
Take a look at my photos on Facebook Hi Xstitch, I set up a Facebook Profile where I can post my pictures, videos and events and I want to add you as a friend so you can see it. First, you need to
Ann Hughes
Sep 19, 2011
Re: Update on my blog Julie you sound like my mom. She did that all the time on vacation - snip here and another one there! But thought I would finish up on vacation - but my trip
Joan Pavlick
Aug 5, 2011
OT: My trip to Atlantic City and the thread haul I bought So here is my blog of my haul at the needlework shop (this shop specializes in needlepoint but the threads we all know can be used in other mediums - cross
Joan Pavlick
Aug 5, 2011
Re: Update on my blog Doesn't the BS make a hug difference!  I am currently working on two of the beach huts as separate pieces - presents for a friend's grandkids.  Then I plan
julia rees
Aug 1, 2011
Update on my blog So this is a pic of the MP mini xmas tree before the the backstitching should be done by tomorrow. But I love before and after pics Hugs and Stitches - Joan
Joan Pavlick
Jul 31, 2011
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