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Re: [michaelpowellcrossstitchart] Finland is shocked, again!

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  • Pirjo Kallioniemi
    Thanks, Julia, and all the others! pirjo ... From: julia rees To: michaelpowellcrossstitchart@yahoogroups.co.uk Sent: Wednesday,
    Message 1 of 4 , Sep 27, 2008
      Thanks, Julia, and all the others!


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      Sent: Wednesday, September 24, 2008 3:22:11 PM
      Subject: Re: [michaelpowellcrossstitchart] Finland is shocked, again!

      It is hard to understand isn't it Pirjo.  My thought are with the families of these young people.

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      Subject: [michaelpowellcross stitchart] Finland is shocked, again!

      I'm just off to work; after what happened yesterday, you have to gather yourself again.
      I wonder how widely it has been on the news there: there was a shooting at a school yesterday, so far 11 people have died... We had a similar incident less than a year ago!

      We talked it about it already yesterday with students and we'll continue today, if they want to... But what to say, when you don't understand it yourself.. "hatred towards the human race"

      http://www.yle. fi/news/

      http://virtual. finland.fi/ news/

      http://news. bbc.co.uk/ 2/hi/europe/ 7630969.stm

      We need your warm thoughs, hugs and prayers


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