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  • mgl576
    Apr 5, 2016
      Thank you for sharing Cherly.  
      We lost our sweet face Roxy at age 9 last July from CHF on her 3 episode. Heartbreaking! We thought of doing same surgery introduced by our cardioligist Dr. Solomon but Roxy's time was cut short.  

       I appreciate and proud of your courage.  Wally's is going to be alright.  

      Daily thoughts and prayers for Wally's successful surgery and full recovery.  

      God Bless! 


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      I will be praying it works for Wally and hopefully all Cavaliers in the future!

      Dana Martin
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      On Apr 5, 2016, at 4:13 PM, gilbertcheryl@... [MVDincavaliers] <MVDincavaliers@...> wrote:

      I wanted to update the group that a new option for treating mitral valve disease is getting closer to reality.  My 12 year old cavalier, Wally, has had a heart murmur for 3 years and first went into heart failure last May.  It's been a roller coaster since then in and out of heart failure but he is still with us.  My vet sent some information that she had gotten from her alma mater, Colorado State University Vet School in Fort Collins.  They have been working on an artificial valve called Mitral Seal.  The first stage prototype did very poorly with none of the dogs surviving to leave the hospital primarily due to problems with clotting on the valve.  It has been several years now and they have re engineered the valve and delivery system and are at the point of being ready for a clinical trial.  I contacted the chief investigator, Dr. Chris Orton and Wally has been accepted as one of 3 dogs to try this next prototype.  If all goes well he will get a new mitral valve on April 26th.  This is obviously very risky and they are only taking dogs who are at the end of life.  Wally has a flail leaflet with a ruptured chordae tendiniae but is still with us but has no other options so we are going to go for it.  I've thought long and hard about the pros and cons of this but I think if I were in this situation I would go for it.

      The beauty of the procedure is that it is done thru a small incision between ribs so the chest cavity is not really opened and the heart is beating the whole time.  This should make it a much easier recovery and ultimately more affordable procedure if it gets to that point. http://www.avalonmed.com/MitralSeal.html

       I hope that you all will keep Wally in your thoughts and prayers that he survives until the surgery date which is 3 weeks away and that all will go well.  Wally is otherwise healthy and could get several good years of life from this procedure if it works as designed. 

      Cheryl Gilbert

      Fayetteville, AR  with Wally, Benny, Daisy and Emmy

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