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4924Re: [MVDincavaliers] Wallys surgery tomorrow

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  • mgl576
    Apr 26, 2016
      What a great news and blessings. 😇 Thank you for keeping us posted.  More prayers and hugs your way for Wally and entire family.  

      Take Care!


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      Wally's new valve is in place and is working well. They are now closing his chest.  The next week is still another critical period in terms of avoiding clotting on the valve.  He will be on 2 blood thinners, Plavix and Eliquis.  We are relieved and grateful for everybody's support. I'll try and post another update this afternoon...we hope to see him this afternoon after he recovered from anesthesia.  😀😀😀

      Cheryl Gilbert
      Fayetteville, AR

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      Lots of prayers to Wally for a succesfull procedure and full recovery.  Sending you hugs and much love - extra from our Cody bear cavalier.  

      You all be in my thoughts and prayers.  God Bless!


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      Subject: [MVDincavaliers] Wallys surgery tomorrow


      Wally has to be at the vet school at 7 am with a 9:30 am table time.  They anticipate that it will take several hours to do the procedure.  He will be the first dog to get this latest version of the valve. 
      We took a short walk around a little lake at the campground we are staying at and he is getting grilled chicken until 10pm at which time he is not allowed to eat or drink.  He starts his first anticoagulant (plavix) tonight.
      More later as things unfold.
      Cheryl Gilbert with Wally, Benny, Daisy and Emmy...

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