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  • esetters
    Nov 12, 2016
      Hi Bob,

      I can tell you my experience with lasix with two of my Cavaliers.   At one point, Molly was on 30 mg, 3 x a day.  This was a pretty high dose for a 16 lb dog, but it was after she had ruptured a chord and we almost lost her.  She was also on torsemide and several other meds.  We eventually lower the dose to a total of 80 mg a day, and then when we switched cardiologists, he gradually lowered the dose, but it wasn't until about a year after rupturing the chord.  I did have her on supplements, and her bloodwork was always good.

      Logan, my other Cavalier, started coughing a few months ago.  I took him in expecting to hear that he was going into CHF.  Unfortunately, it was even worse than that.  He has lung cancer, in addition to an enlarged heart.  At that point, there was no fluid in his lungs, but about a month later, that changed.  He was put on 20 mg of lasix, twice a day.  He is 20 lbs.  I really thought that was kind of high because there wasn't much fluid.  When we did bloodwork about 10 days later, it showed he was dehydrated, so we lowered the dose to 15 mg twice a day.  I did talk to the vet about giving 10 mg 3 times a day instead, and she was okay with that.  But because he seems to be doing okay now, I think I'm going to keep him on the twice a day for now.  He is also on benazepril. 

      He was definitely drinking a lot and peeing a lot on the 40 mg daily dose.  We also added in spironolactone a few weeks ago, and due to the fact that he seemed to be having trouble going up the one step into the house from the backyard, we also had 3 acupuncture treatments done.  My husband and I both agree that he seems to be doing much better overall now.  Not sure if it's the decreased lasix, the addition of the spironlactone, the acupuncture, or a combination of all of them.  He mainly coughs now after drinking water.

      I give the lasix and spironlactone about an hour after his breakfast because I do put supplements in his food, and it was suggested by the company I buy some of the supplements from to wait the hour.  So, he gets the lasix around 8:00-8:30 am.  In the evening, he has dinner around 4:30 or 5:00 and then I give the lasix, spironolactone and benazepril at 7:00 pm. 


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      Thank you Elke, I Agree, Lasix is a prescription drug and individualized and/or even as needed. This is not an exact science and there is no magic protocol for MVD medications, every case is different. Veterinarians often leave it up to owners to adjust how much to give based on symptoms and whether or not there is fluid retention.  It is important to have regular blood tests taken to monitor levels like renal function and potassium, which I regularly do. However, the vet leaves it up to me to administer the other supplements including other natural diuretics, herbs and monitor symptoms including how much and when to give the Lasix.  My question was simply to get a general idea of how much and at what time of the day are people giving Lasix because the object is to give the minimal dose necessary to maintain the symptoms without damaging the kidneys. I believe what time to give Lasix may be almost as important as how much to give.

      Again, my question was "WHEN" and "HOW MUCH"  some people even give it every other day and it might make a difference if you give it after dinner, before bedtime or even if possible 3 times a day. How many of you give Lasix with food? -  Bob

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