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5097Re: [MVDincavaliers] Cough suppression

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  • Bob Wexler
    15 Jun
      I've been using a combination of Over-The-Counter natural products depending on the time of day and type of cough.. The most effective and probably safest is a homeopathic honey based cough syrup called Chestal by Boiron, just 1Tsp given as needed, best first thing in the morning and before bed. I have also use Loquat Honey Syrup this is a Chinese formula know as Nin Jiom Pea Pa Koa but there are a lot of ingredients that may not be safe for dogs that I haven't had time to research. You can also try mixing in about 1Tsp melted coconut oil maybe some lemon with either and your dog will lick it up straight from the spoon same with the honey homeopathic or Honey Loquat.  I was also prescribed a codeine based suppressant couldn't find a pharmacy that would fill it so I decided to try Robitussin DM Sugar Free which contains Dextromethorphan, between 1-2 ML and it worked great, my vet was ok with it, however it seemed to make my KC lethargic. The natural alternatives work just as well and probably better for your dog.   Keep in mind MVD and CHF are often complicated with chronic bronchitis due to tracheal compression. If you treat the cough solely with diuretics you will do more harm than good. I was able to reduce lasix significantly once I stopped chasing the cough with diuretics and got the cough under control with the OTC and natural products. I'm not a doctor so please consult your veterinarian and as mentioned in a previous post make sure the cough is not due to an infection that may require antibiotics.

      On Thu, Jun 15, 2017 at 4:40 PM, jwilson@... [MVDincavaliers] <MVDincavaliers@...> wrote:

      Hi All.  Asking about a Cav (on Vetmedin and Frusemide) that has been prescribed a codeine-based cough suppressant.  It looks like the cough suppressant is not working and possibly is making his breathing more laboured.  Is there an alternative to a codeine based suppressant?  Thanks!

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