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Wolfsburg Campaign Day Three

The loss of the battle of Lehre has disrupted Napoleon’s plans. He had intended to take and hold Lehre then move the 1st corps (Imperial Garde) north to

: A Comprehensive Wargames System

In response to last week’s blog I was asked how I can ensure that I complete each wargame within 12 moves without sacrificing a lot at the tactical level.
20 May

1813 Wolfsburg Camaign Day One

https://uk.groups.yahoo.com/neo/groups/all/list The campaign opened with the Prussians advancing on Jeggau in the north, Wolfsburg in the centre and Lehre in
16 May

: A Comprehensive Wargames System

You can use any commercial rules with my comprehensive wargames system, just as you can use any basing system. However you will have to consider how they
13 May

1813 Wolfsburg Campaign

The next phase of the 1813 campaign is set in northern Germany and continues Napoleon’s attempt to defeat Blucher. This is the sixth campaign between the
8 May

: A Comprehensive Wargames System

As part of the planning for my comprehensive wargames system I realised that the size and type of wargames table would be critical. I was fortunate that I
6 May

End of Cuidad Real Campaign

The Cuidad Real campaign has ended in a French victory, but only just. The campaign took two months to complete and lasted for 13 campaign days. It provided
2 May

Scenario 24: Ambush; One Hour War Games by Neil Thomas.

Road between a hill and a lake (I used two hills; the one on right, banned for both sides; the other, on left banned for enemy vanguard. Added a river, a clump
Simon Gilbert
30 Apr

: A Comprehensive Wargames System

This week the blog entry explains how the corps are organised into armies and why the 1813 campaign was chosen. The aim is to use all of the different
29 Apr

Cuidad Real – Day Fifteen

Cuidad Real – Day Fifteen The Spanish occupy a strong defensive position south of the river based on the three towns of Cuidad Rodrigo, Alamaden and Don
25 Apr

: Cheekily...part set up for Paul Leniston's Battle Rules

Hi Simon I have sent you a copy of my wargames rules. There are 19 pages, so I have split them between two emails. If you have not received them let me
24 Apr

Cheekily...part set up for Paul Leniston's Battle Rules

Hi, Years ago, having discovered and gotten involved in PaulÆs PBEM 1813 Campaigns, I was building my own armies and their orbat records for my games. I put
Simon Gilbert
24 Apr

: RE: [napoleonicpbemcampaign] Re:: A Comprehensive Wargames System

Hi Simon You could try reducing the size of your tabletop armies. I found that a comfortable size wargame army and playing area for each player is about
23 Apr

: Post in reply, by me yesterday/ Friday, please delete

Hi Simon I don't think your post was inappropriate or an attempt to highjack my discussion, so there is no need to apoliogise. Indeed I welcome any posts
23 Apr

Post in reply, by me yesterday/ Friday, please delete

Paul, my post the other day was an inappropriate hijack of your discussion. I apologise. My own idiocy at fault but I realised later. Paul, please delete it
Simon Gilbert
23 Apr
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