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Day One of Linares Campaign

When the French start to move south they will have to supplement their supplies with foraging. To do so they must establish sufficient depots to feed their
17 Oct

Start of 1813 Linares Campaign

This is the tenth campaign fought in Spain, and the fifth in southern Spain. Once more the Spanish Army test their skills against a mixed French, Italian and
14 Oct

End of 1813 Erfurt Campaign

The campaign has ended in a French victory. There is a short summary of the campaign on the campaign diary blog http://1813pbemcampaigndiary.blogspot.com.es/
4 Oct

16 July 1813 Erfurt Campaign – Day Fifteen

By daybreak the Russian army had abandoned Rudolstadt and retreated to the east. Although they held the town at the end of the battle, two of the four Russian
3 Oct

Re: Thoughts on 1813 Erfurt Campaign

Thank you, Paul. I enjoyed the reports and your fixes for long range or too much shooting. Good luck with the next campaign! A bientot S From:
    Simon Gilbert
    1 Oct
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    Thoughts on 1813 Erfurt Campaign

    This was a very enjoyable campaign which lasted for three months and provided us with five battles to wargame. Often our campaigns provide one or two corps
    1 Oct

    1813 Erfurt Campaign – Day Fourteen

    The battle of Rudolstadt was the decisive battle of the campaign. All eight corps took part in the battle, it was hard fought, both sides suffered similar
    21 Sep

    1813 Erfurt Campaign – Day Thirteen

    Davout orders his army to advance and make contact with the Russian Army. Wittgenstein has been allowed another day to top up his supplies. He has also
    20 Sep

    1813 Erfurt Campaign – Day Twelve

    Wittgenstein has concentrated his army at Rudolstadt. He has also rallied the two corps which routed from Erfurt. All four corps have been issued two days
    18 Sep

    New Campaign maps of France and Italy

    To complete the national maps I have added France and Italy. My current campaign is confined to Germany, Portugal and Spain. As a result I only made maps
    17 Sep

    1813 Erfurt Campaign – Day Eleven

    Having lost the battle of Erfurt, Wittgenstein orders his army to retreat and rally at Rudolstadt. Two of the three corps which took part in the battle are
    16 Sep

    1813 Erfurt Campaign – Day Ten

    Wittgenstein has three of his four corps in position to hold the Erfurt to Rudolstadt road and bridge. He orders his fourth corps to abandon Hofelfelden and
    12 Sep

    Re: : Re: [napoleonicpbemcampaign] Re:: Napoleonic Campaign Maps

    Before I disappear to sort out the problem I was meant to finding a solution for, hereÆs the latest round of a speculative joke. Subject title of this email.
      Simon Gilbert
      10 Sep
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      Re: : Re: [napoleonicpbemcampaign] Re:: Napoleonic Campaign Maps

      Oh my! I just drew the comparison as to where you are and what recent weather has been like for you. Yes, ôHot Summer Monthsö indeed. I havenÆt had much
        Simon Gilbert
        10 Sep
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        RE: [napoleonicpbemcampaign] 1813 Erfurt Campaign – Day Nine

        Ha! IÆve discovered IÆve been really missing out. I should have been paying more attention to the reports on the campaign blog. My compliments to Paul;
          Simon Gilbert
          10 Sep
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