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: Re: [napoleonicpbemcampaign] Spanish Campaign Army

Hi Simon Hope you enjoy them, and find them useful. Thanks for your comment, it is always good to get some feedback regards Paul
9 Dec

Re: Spanish Campaign Army

Excellent news, thank you on behalf of the crowd whether they have the access, confidence or time to thank you for great contributions, themselves. Ciao, Si
Simon Gilbert
9 Dec

Spanish Campaign Army

I have always found the Spanish Army to be the most difficult command in a campaign. Historically they were a weak army, and in most wargames are set up to
9 Dec

23 July 1813 -  Day Six of Linares Campaign

Suchet orders his four corps to halt, rally and resupply All six captured towns are now garrisoned and depots established They will now be able to forage to
5 Dec

22 July 1813 -  Day Five of Linares Campaign

The Spanish abandon Baylen and retreat south Giron orders his army to concentrate and rally at Linares All four corps are running short of supplies A
28 Nov

21 July 1813 - Day Four of Linares Campaign

Suchet orders all four corps to advance 7th corps occupy El Hoyo and capture the Spanish depot 15th corps occupy La Carolina and capture the Spanish depot 3rd
24 Nov

21 July 1813 – The Battle of Baylen

Suchet attacks Baylen with 8th and 16th corps Giron has 3rd and 4th corps available to defend the town Both are weak three brigade corps and neither have any
21 Nov

20 July 1813 - Day Three of Linares Campaign

The two French flank corps made contact first. 7th corps attacked El Hoyo on the right, and 15th corps La Carolina on the left. In the centre 8th and 16th
14 Nov

Re: [napoleonicpbemcampaign] 20 July 1813 – The Battle of La Carol

Wonderful, thank you. Thinking about my games - I'm learning how to do reports, i hope as interesting sounding. I just don't yet consistently, practice. * Next
Simon Gilbert
7 Nov

20 July 1813 – The Battle of La Carolina

Whilst 7th corps was attacking El Hoyo, 15th Vistula was attacking La Carolina on the western road through the mountains. The Poles were also one brigade
7 Nov

20 July 1813 – The Battle of El Hoyo

20 July 1813 – The Battle of El Hoyo The French army advance along three roads. The main army of two corps use the centre road through the valley, One
31 Oct

19 July 1813 – Day Two of Linares Campaign

All four French corps halt to garrison Abenojar and Almagro and to resupply in preparation for an attack on the Spanish. The French now occupy three Spanish
24 Oct

: Re: [napoleonicpbemcampaign] Change of Musket and Artillery Wargam

Hi Simon I have just replied to you direct to try to answer the lengthy email you sent me. As with this post I am not really sure what you want to do, or
22 Oct

Re: Change of Musket and Artillery Wargame Rules

Damn, trying to reply but digressing​ wildly. Thank you, Paul. I'd love to reward you with help in exchange for making your rules get a wider following but
Simon Gilbert
22 Oct

Change of Musket and Artillery Wargame Rules

We have recently changed our rules to reduce the tendency to fire every gun or every musket as soon as the enemy come within long range, and to continue to do
22 Oct
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