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36041813 Wolfsburg Campaign

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  • thistlebarrow
    8 May

      The next phase of the 1813 campaign is set in northern Germany and continues Napoleon’s attempt to defeat Blucher.   This is the sixth campaign between the two.  Napoleon won three of the earlier phases and Blucher won two.


      Napoleon commands the four corps of the First French Army, one of the corps is the French Old Guard.   This presents an interesting problem from a wargame point of view, namely how to deal with the “superman” elite formations.


      One of the first wargame figures I bought was a French grenadier guardsman.   He, and his many replacements, have spent a lot of years collecting dust on my wargame shelves.  


      When I started this campaign about ten years ago I was determined that I would use all of my model soldiers in rotation, including the Imperial Garde.   I know that they were used as the reserve of the French Army, but I wanted to use them regularly on the wargames table.


      In each of my ten campaign armies there are four corps.   Each has a different combination of infantry brigades which are either elite, average or poor.   Most corps have one elite and either two average or two poor brigades.


      Obviously the Old Guard had to have a larger proportion of elite and no poor brigades.   I eventually settled for one elite and three average infantry brigades.   The cavalry are also elite, but the artillery average.


      To balance the entire army each of the other three corps lost their elite infantry brigade.  Their order of battle was now two average and two poor brigades.


      Napoleon now has one above average corps and three below average corps.  

      Blucher has four average corps,


      As a result Napoleon is no more likely to win a campaign than is Blucher.   As explained above out of the five campaigns already gamed he had won three against two to Blucher.


      The introduction to the Wolfsburg campaign is now on the campaign diary blog, and it includes a shortened order of battle.  The full order of battle can be found by clicking on label 11 and label 12 on the right of the blog.