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3605Re:: A Comprehensive Wargames System

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  • thistlebarrow
    May 13, 2017

      You can use any commercial rules with my comprehensive wargames system, just as you can use any basing system.   However you will have to consider how they will fit with your campaign system.


      I have only taken part in a couple of campaigns before I started my own, but in each case the campaign ended abruptly when the first battle had to be fought as a wargame.   I suspect that the interface between the campaign map and the wargames table causes a lot of problem for those who run campaigns, whether solo or with other players.


      The advantage of writing your own rules is that you can overcome all of these problems at the planning stage of writing the rules.  


      This week I consider the advantage of writing your own rules, particularly in relation to your proposed campaign system.  In the coming weeks I will look at what I consider the most important aspects of wargame systems to compliment the campaign rules..   


      The first is what I call “men and supermen”, in other words how to campaign with the best and worse troops.   Getting the balance right between elite, average and poor type troops is essential for the smooth running of the campaign.


      Next will be the important relationship between wargame and campaign casualties.  What works well on the table may ruin the tempo of the campaign.   Most wargame rules result in destroying the enemy.  But that would mean the end of your campaign after just one battle.


      Finally will be length of battles in the campaign and on the table.   This is essential for the smooth transfer from map to table, and to estimate when troops will arrive on the table.

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