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36061813 Wolfsburg Camaign Day One

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  • thistlebarrow
    16 May

      The campaign opened with the Prussians advancing on Jeggau in the north, Wolfsburg in the centre and Lehre in the south.   All four corps had orders to engage, so they would fight any enemy that they met.   The French advanced with more caution in the north and centre, where they had orders to observe but not to fight.   In the south the Polish corps had orders to take Lehre, and the guard were moving one day behind in support.  


      The result was the battle of Lehre.  The Polish corps were defeated and suffered heavy casualties.  Napoleon ordered the guard to take Lehre, and the Prussians in turn retreated. 


      Napoleon has planned to take Lehre and leave the Polish corps to hold the town.  He would then march north and attack Wolfsburg.   This plan was now in tatters.   He would have to hold Lehre with the guard until the Poles had recovered.


      Blucher is now in a very strong position.  He has taken Jeggau in the north and Wolfsburg in the centre.  Although he has some supply problems, he can assume that he will have at least a couple of days to regroup and resupply before Napoleon can move against Wolfsburg.


      A full report of the battle of Lehre is on the campaign diary blog here