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3630Napoleonic Campaign Maps

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  • thistlebarrow
    Aug 12, 2017

      My summer project is to make new maps for my 1813 Napoleonic campaign.  At present I use homemade maps of Germany and Spain.   I use an AA Road Atlas as the template for the maps, but have found that the information shown is too modern and does not have sufficient terrain information.


      My plan is to create a new set of maps, again using the Road Atlas as my main reference.  But this time I will start with a map of Europe.   Then one of Germany, France, Spain and Italy.   Finally I will make new maps for each of the five campaign areas, three in Germany and two in Spain.


      All of the maps will interface, though they will be in different scales.   I will not make the mistake of trying to use actual terrain and road systems.  The towns and cities will be more or less correct.  The borders will be approximate.  The major road system will be between capital cities, with a secondary system between them and main cities and towns.   Major rivers will be approximate, but all other terrain fictional.


      This week’s entry on my Napoleonic Wargaming blog explains the background to the project and in particular the map of Europe.   It also includes the completed map.


      You can find the blog here




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