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145Offer: Australia. Looking to move into a place in inner-city Brisbane?

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  • Dario Western
    Apr 7, 2009
      Hello all,
      Please read and forward this to others you know who might be interested as well:
      I would like to let you all know that I have just checked out a new place to move to which is close to town that a friend of mine is vacating with her two other housemates due to changes in their lease arrangements.  They are looking for three new tenants to move into the place as soon as possible.
      It is a beautiful apartment based in Bowen Hills which overlooks the Brisbane River and the Inner-City Bypass, though there are hardly any traffic noise problems.  The place has three bedrooms, a lounge, kitchen, balcony, two bathrooms and toilets, a pull-out pantry and laundry room.  It is a fully secure place which is only accessible with the use of cyber keys. 
      The cumulative rent is $410 all up, and the bond and date to pay the rent can be negotiated with the estate agent who is also happy to show other interested people around.  Pets are not allowed in this place, but smokers are as long as they do it on the balcony.
      It is about five minutes walk from Bowen Hills train station, and just across the road from the Royal Brisbane Hospital and the local shopping square.  There is also a bottle shop right next door to the place.
      If I was to take this lease on, I will need two other people to share the place.  I want someone who is either a naturist or at least open to try this lifestyle, preferably artistically inclined since I am an artist, photographer and muso, reasonably clean and tidy, willing to take it in turns to do the housework, pays rent on time, and prepared to share all bills with the exception of the phone which will be your own responsibility.  Definitely no drug heads, alcoholics, or 24/7 couch potatoes will be accepted under *any* circumstances.
      Regarding 'mod cons', I have got a 4-in-one stereo unit, transistor radio, my own PC, a toaster, microwave oven, TV set (not a plasma screen one but a vintage 70's one that's pretty hard to steal!), DVD player, video cassette recorder, and will also be getting an iron, electric carving knife, massage table, kettle, and a sandwich maker.
      I lead a fairly active life with delivering Yellow Pages, as well as working in retail and hospitality on a casual basis, and also involved with a bit of volunteer work here and there with St. Vinny's, LifeLine, and will be re-joining community radio station 4ZZZ.
      Should you wish to meet with me to check out the premises, please ring me on 07 3267 0099 before 7 a.m. and after 4 p.m. and I will give you the name and number of the agent.
      Thank you for reading this, and I look forward to hearing from you.
      Best wishes,
      Dario Western
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      "What is popular is not necessarily right or true.  What is true or right is not necessarily popular".
      "Lazing around in the sun naked does not make you a nudist anymore than going to church makes you a Christian" - Dario Western
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