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Re: RS800 not cutting it anymore thanx for the offer but i also have one now. ... From: darrin.bartlett Subject: [polar_rs800sd_polar_rs800] RS800 not cutting it
david slatter
Jul 14, 2008
RS800 not cutting it anymore I have a fairly new RS800, used less than 2 months that I would like to get rid of. I would include the IrDA adaptor (brand new) and free shipping. If you
Jul 14, 2008
polar ownoptimiser and polar rs800 hi. i read on www.blogyoursport.com a good article about polar ownoptimiser. just thought i'd share it Suuny H
Nov 30, 2007
Re: SPEED DISTANCE MEASUREMENT I think it fails on runs of varying speed, and also if you change shoes. What I did was run a measured loop at different speeds: my jogging speed, and my race
mac .
Dec 29, 2006
SPEED DISTANCE MEASUREMENT Has anyone encountered large errors on the distance recorded by the foot pod? after spending 8-9 runs of varying distances calibrating monitor to within 0.02
Dec 29, 2006
Re: heart rate reading error ... Is Your monitor showing 100% on 'not flat out runs', because you are yet to calibrate it to your maximum heart rate levels. I think the auto set up mode
Dec 29, 2006
heart rate reading error has anyone had the following: When I run my watch will say for example, 78% heart rate after 12 minutes. But when Ive imported the run onto the pc, the graph
Dec 28, 2006
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