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: Features request(auto-reload-file in the script window)

In the script editor, there is a menu item "File > Reopen from disk", and in recent versions, there is a keyboard shortcut of Ctrl+Shift+O bound to this action
8 Dec

Features request(auto-reload-file in the script window)

I'm not sure that it is the right place to ask this question but quite often I use other editors (notepad++ and vs code) to edit scripts which give me syntax
Xiaoou WANG
8 Dec

Re: Library of Artwords

... the ones described in chapter 5 of my dissertation (1998) are available at http://www.fon.hum.uva.nl/paul/diss/diss.html _____ Paul Boersma Professor of
Paul Boersma
6 Dec

Library of Artwords

Hi all, I'm trying to do some machine learning using the articulatory synthesis part of Praat, and I'm finding it very difficult to explore the space of
6 Dec

Concatenation operator for strings?

Good morning As far as I can see the operator += in Praat allows me to add a numeric value to a variable and then assign the result to the variable. a = 1 a +=
6 Dec

Re: I Can't Find Logical Bit Operators

... g = (j div 2 + i div 2) mod 2 _____ Paul Boersma Professor of Phonetic Sciences University of Amsterdam Spuistraat 134, room 632 1012VB Amsterdam, The
Paul Boersma
5 Dec

I Can't Find Logical Bit Operators

There does not seem to be logical bit operators, though there are logic operators which I use below. I want to do a two-color group with Xor. Since that does
paul beach
5 Dec

: process: Tabulate-Index spectrum

Yes, you can index the spectrum bin by bin if you want. Here's an example: # clear info window clearinfo # make a random noise sound Create Sound from formula:
5 Dec

process: Tabulate-Index spectrum

Is there a way to process the data captured from Tabulate and Index Spectrum in a script? Thank you. -- Peter J. Watson, PhD Associate Professor Department of
Peter Watson
4 Dec

segment duration for jitter analisys

Hi all, I have a question about jitter analysis. In my research, we investigae fluent conversation in Hebrew. the target sylabe of 'Ahh' will be extracted and
3 Dec

Assunto: [praat-users] Drawing sound

 Hi!I advise you to save your drawings in one of these formats cited in the manual: http://www.fon.hum.uva.nl/praat/manual/Picture_window.html And, fill that
Antonio Carlos Silvano Pessotti
29 Nov

Drawing sound

Hello! I have some difficulties with my work on Praat. I use Praat to get illustrations of intonation variations from recorded Tv Shows. When I draw the sound
29 Nov

Re: Piant accepts position arguments but not color arguments

You're passing the _name_ of the variable ("k") to the color string. You need to pass the _value_ of the variable instead. You can extrapolate the value into
José Joaquín Atria
29 Nov

Piant accepts position arguments but not color arguments

The position can change but not the color. I want an array of differently colored objects but this won't work. # Draw array of circles # xp-Dell,
paul beach
28 Nov

Re: How to edit an OTGrammar grammar

... This is data, not a script. You open it with “Read from file..” from the Open menu, just as the manual page that you are referring to says. _____ Paul
Paul Boersma
28 Nov
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