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Praat picture for illustration on Word

Hello everyone. I am in a dilemma and would like to ask your opinion. I am currently preparing an article in which I use the figures obtained with Praat
21 Oct

Re: summing the slincet sements duration

Hello Aviv I don’t know if there is already a script to do this but it is very simple to script. ... Hope this helps!! best daniel ...
Daniel Hirst
20 Oct

summing the slincet sements duration

Hi all, I use the Praat for a reaserch of acoustic analysis of depressed patient in psychotherapy, and i would apprecieate your help abour this: After creating
20 Oct

Re: Question: How to Show Pauses in the Picture Window of Praat?

Hello Freya A commonly used symbol to indicate silent pauses in orthographic transcription is #. In phonetic transcriptions, XSAMPA uses the symbol _ for
Daniel Hirst
15 Oct

Question: How to Show Pauses in the Picture Window of Praat?

Hello all, Right now, I am creating the drawings of a number of test sentences that I have used in my psycholinguistics research. All these sentences happen to
15 Oct

: Total Greenhorn: Voice analyses 8-15 month old infants

Dear Sam, "I will have a lot of files which will range from 1 minute to 20 minutes. " In my case, I would split my audio files into smaller and more manageable
14 Oct

: Praat for corpus research: Can't create a corpus

I also read that chapter and thought about how useful would be to have a tool for making queries in your TextGrids. I will be waiting for that day. Bests, -
13 Oct

Performance of Praat nuclei v2 script for speech rate

Hi everyone. I want to compute the speech rate of an audio file using PRAAT. I'm currently using the [nuclei script
13 Oct

Total Greenhorn: Voice analyses 8-15 month old infants

Dear All, I am a total greenhorn and am trying to work with PRAAT. Basically what I want to do is comparing characteristics of 8-15 month old infant's voice
13 Oct

: Problem adding Vocal Toolkit to Praat

Hello, I've just installed the plug-in on my computer and it runs well (on Ubuntu 16.04, Praat 6.0.31). Have you done this steps? 1) Quit all instances of
28 Sep

Problem adding Vocal Toolkit to Praat

Hi everyone, I'm new here and I was looking for help to make Praat load the Praat Vocal Toolkit. I'm sure many of you know or use that plugin. Well, I put the
28 Sep

Job/cooperation offer - audio analysis / speech recognition project

Dear fellow Praat list members, Are you looking for an interesting project to get involved with? evivecare is an award-winning digital healthcare startup in
Gerd Graumann
27 Sep

: green intervals in TextGrids

Dear Stefan: In the TextGridEditor, go to File>Preferences... Then, you will find those options in the last two fields. Bests, - Rolando
23 Sep

green intervals in TextGrids

Dear users, there used to be an option in the TextGrid window to paint intervals green if they match a certain text (version 4.4). I can't find it, is this
Stefan Benus
23 Sep

Re: : adding speaking times together automatically

Hi Paul, Thank you for your response to my issue with PRAAT crashing after closing a script. The problem was that I was still running the old version of PRAAT.
Haidee Thomson
22 Sep
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