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Re: PRAAT for Ipad

... You can see on the website that there are editions for the Mac, Windows and Linux. None of those will run on an iPad. ... Not really. Parts of Praat may
Paul Boersma
18 Jun

PRAAT for Ipad

I excitedly bought an Ipad today, to be able to use Praat on the go, to gather voice samples. However it won't run Praat. I saw from earlier correspondence,
15 Jun

Re: Synced Cursor Across Open Files?

Hello Elizabeth You just uncheck “Group” in the bottom right-hand corner of one of the two windows… best daniel ...
Daniel Hirst
14 Jun

Synced Cursor Across Open Files?

I'm sure this is something basic that I just haven't figured out yet, but when I have two files open, the cursor is synced across those two files. How do I
14 Jun

non linear descriptors

Dear all, I have in my vocalizations lots of non linear phenomenons: frequency jumps, subharmonics and chaos. In order to avoid a qualitative description, I
8 Jun

Re: Change duration of every labelled-interval (i.e. vowel) in a sou

Only tangentially related, but I went ahead and wrote a script to apply DurationTier changes to a TextGrid. You can see it here:
José Joaquín Atria
7 Jun

Re: Change duration of every labelled-interval (i.e. vowel) in a sou

Here's one way to do it: https://gitlab.com/snippets/1664165 Your script is really close to what you want, actually: all you have to do is separate the
José Joaquín Atria
6 Jun

Change duration of every labelled-interval (i.e. vowel) in a soundfi

Dear All, My aim is to manipulate the duration of every vowel within a sentence. To do this, I have created a TextGrid that marks each vowel as an interval in
5 Jun

Re: Praat on Raspberry Pi Ubuntu Mate

... as you supply no information on any audio hardware that you attached to your Raspberry Pi, my best guess at the moment is that you did not attach any such
Paul Boersma
5 Jun

Praat on Raspberry Pi Ubuntu Mate

Hello, do you have any experiance running Praat on Raspberry Pi 2 with Ubuntu Mate 16 LTS. Praat crahes when I choose a New Record option... Any suggestion?
Marek Jaskuła
4 Jun

question about trim silences...

Hi, I am using 'trim silences...' to trim the ends of .wav files containing noun phrases and verbs and I can't seem to be able to figure out the combination of
4 Jun

New linux version: barren version crashes, normal still very slow

I am still trying to solve my problem with the slow praat on fedora 24. As there is a new version of praat, I hoped again. No real progess, but a new touch.
4 Jun

Is there a praat user on fedora (24 or 25)

As I seem to have problems related to the OS I am using, could any of the praat users using praat on fedora 24 (or also 25) give sign!? Thank you very much in
4 Jun

Re: using externally created pitch, etc. marks

... no, it's in the TextGrid and PitchTier windows. ... Because it's not at all trivial from a GUI perspective. For one thing, the stuff you can do to a
Paul Boersma
4 Jun

Re: using externally created pitch, etc. marks

one more quick question to finalize this solution. How do I tell the praat script to click the group box? I imagined it would be something like selectObject:
Christopher Shulby
3 Jun
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