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Re: Averaging fricative spectra In the case that you already have many spectra and you want to draw their average, you can use the following: ######################################### ## draw
Re: Averaging fricative spectra Sasha, Have all of the sound objects in the Objects window and then run this script. Note that if you only want to draw the spectrum from a portion of the
Re: vowel manipulation issue Dear Michael and Katie, I think you need to manipulate the vowel without cut it an paste again in the same locus. If you cut the wave you certainly have a
Antonio Carlos Silvano Pessotti
Re: Bug report: Problem with sendpraat message file ... none of the problems your report happen on my computers if I try the same. My advice would be to try this on a different computer and if the problem
Paul Boersma
vowel manipulation issue This is from a student of mine who is trying to create a matched guise by changing vowel quality. Can anyone help her? I've been working on doing source filter
Michael Newman
Averaging fricative spectra Hello list, I have several occurences of a fricative. Made a Spectrum for each one, taken CoG and st.dev and other measurements. Now I'd like to get a nice
21 Apr
Korean characters not displayed in TextGrid tiers in Ubuntu Linux Hello, I recently installed ubuntu linux 12.04 and 13.10 on my machines and tried Praat, but Korean (hangul) characters do not display at all on the TextGrid
16 Apr
experimentMFC Hi, is there a way to read the number of replays in a hearing experiment done with MFC (in case there is a replay botton)? Thanks, Peter
15 Apr
Bug report: Problem with sendpraat message file I was looking at some strange behaviour that I noticed with sendpraat. This would happen with either the standalone sendpraat program or the sendpraat
Olaf Seibert
15 Apr
Scrolling arrows and navigation of text Hello, I've been using Praat for over 10 years - thank you for making this wonderful program available to the community. My question concerns the scrolling
15 Apr
Re: query regarding praat scripting Hi Diksha! You could find this information in the Praat's manual, section Scripting 6.1:
Antonio Carlos Silvano Pessotti
14 Apr
Re: query regarding duration of time ... I understand that you want to use a script to select a part of a Sound in the Sound window. Either script this "editor window" from within, or use the
Paul Boersma
13 Apr
Re: query regarding praat scripting ... use form/endform (for a dialog at the beginning of the script) or beginPause/endPause (for a dynamic dialog box, i.e. a "wizard"). The scripting tutorial
Paul Boersma
13 Apr
query regarding duration of time hello, can you please tell us how to  select a particular duration say 10 seconds in any long sample file using  praat scripting Hope to get reply asap.
Diksha Raina
13 Apr
query regarding praat scripting hi , how to create a dialog box using praat scripting.We are trying to display the output on dialog box from the scrpting result file. kindly help . hope to
Diksha Raina
13 Apr
Re: Blank Edit window [Praat 5.3.71, Mac OS X 10.6.8] ... on Mac OS 10.6, you can only use the 32-bit edition. The 64-bit edition cannot show text or several other kinds of graphics on 10.6. Either use the 32-bit
Paul Boersma
12 Apr
Blank Edit window [Praat 5.3.71, Mac OS X 10.6.8] Hello, I am using Praat 5.3.71 with Mac OS X 10.6.8. I'm having a problem with the "View & Edit" button: when I click it, it opens a blank Edit window. I don't
Pauline Welby
11 Apr
Re: compare different sounds I don't know of any dynamic way to do this, but you can overlay plots of (say) pitch contours, or any other feature you want. You can plot multiple objects on
José Joaquín Atria
11 Apr
compare different sounds Hi all, I am a new Praat user and just getting used to the programming side of it. Before I get into it I just wanted to double check whether I can compare
11 Apr
Re: get current tier ... info$ = Editor info selectedTier = extractNumber (info$, "Selected tier: ") _____ Paul Boersma University of Amsterdam Linguistics Spuistraat 210, room 303
Paul Boersma
11 Apr
get current tier Hi praat-users, My editor scripts is working fine but I couldn't find a function in the menu that gives me the current tier I'm selecting. Currently I'm able
Mart Lubbers
10 Apr
Re: Query menu in DurationTier ... it turns out that the commands existed, but the corresponding menu item did not exist. Repaired in 5.3.70. _____ Paul Boersma University of Amsterdam
Paul Boersma
2 Apr
Query menu in DurationTier I was trying to access the duration values in the DurationTier object and I realised that, funny thing, there doesn't seem to be an easy way to do it (at least
José Joaquín Atria
2 Apr
Re: Crash with long sound files ... hmm, the Praat list is not for bug reports, because users cannot solve bugs. Anyway, no matter how often I repeat your steps, my Praat (I'm assuming you
Paul Boersma
29 Mar
Re: Table object: analysing columns by groups ... to get e.g. the standard deviation of the F1 values for the vowel /a/, you first extract the rows that have "a" in the column named "vowel", and then you
Paul Boersma
29 Mar
Table object: analysing columns by groups Hello, I have a table object with similar structure to this: vowel F1 F2 a 800 1200 a 754 1150 e 462 2010 e 453 2013 Praat has useful tools for queryng
28 Mar
Crash with long sound files I have found that Praat version 5.3.61 (and some earlier versions) consistently crash when the following is done: 1. I open a long sound file (in this case a
28 Mar
Learning Plasticity How can I adjust plasticity so that it gradually decreases to simulate learning in children? The sources I've looked up make it seem like there should be a
Colette Feehan
27 Mar
analysis and synthesis of nasals and vowels Hi, I am using Praat to analysis and synthesis different combinations of nasals and vowels. I need your help in the measuring of voicing amplitude. how can I
Amal Kandeel
26 Mar
Re: File Too Big? ... It's very probable that Praat read your whole grammar. The "cutting off" probably only occurs when you "View & Edit" it, and the window will show a bit
Paul Boersma
23 Mar
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