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Praat 6.30 - object[] - problems

Hello: When I use the object[].nrow notation with a Table object, the following message arises: "The expression "object[xx].nrow" requires xx to be number or
22 Jul

Re: Script Help

A more lightweight alternative is the "syllable nuclei" estimation script written originally by Nivja de Jong and Ton Wempe [1]. [1]:
José Joaquín Atria
15 Jul

Re: Script Help

Various types of segmentation into syllables are available in the Prosogram script for the analysis of speech prosody. The segmentation may be output as a
Piet Mertens
15 Jul

Script Help

Hi, I have some connected speech audio files and I am interested in counting syllables per second. I have very little experience with writing scripts in Praat
14 Jul

Re: scripting - object doesn't exist

... At the point where Praat tries to execute that line of the script (probably a line like 'selectObject: "Sound sentence10"'), Praat will look for a Sound
Paul Boersma
6 Jul

scripting - object doesn't exist

Hi, I got a script from my supervisor which was supposed to allow me to calculate duration of my sound files. It *almost* works, and I cannot figure out what's
6 Jul

Re: arguments and form input

ok just as an update, this solution worked: sendpraat praat 'runScript: "myScript.praat", "~/1.wav", "~/1.TextGrid", 0.1, 0.32' I hope this helps others :-)
Christopher Shulby
29 Jun

Pitch flattening

Dear all, I have a question regarding pitch flattening. So I am using a script which creates a manipulation for all *.WAV-files within a folder and extracts
Thiele, Dominik
29 Jun

frequency jump, deterministic chaos and subharmonics

Hi all, Is there a way to quantify non linear phenomena such as frequency jump, deterministic chaos and subharmonics on praat ? Thank you so much for all your
29 Jun

Re: PRAAT for Ipad

... You can see on the website that there are editions for the Mac, Windows and Linux. None of those will run on an iPad. ... Not really. Parts of Praat may
Paul Boersma
18 Jun

PRAAT for Ipad

I excitedly bought an Ipad today, to be able to use Praat on the go, to gather voice samples. However it won't run Praat. I saw from earlier correspondence,
15 Jun

Re: Synced Cursor Across Open Files?

Hello Elizabeth You just uncheck “Group” in the bottom right-hand corner of one of the two windows… best daniel ...
Daniel Hirst
14 Jun

Synced Cursor Across Open Files?

I'm sure this is something basic that I just haven't figured out yet, but when I have two files open, the cursor is synced across those two files. How do I
14 Jun

non linear descriptors

Dear all, I have in my vocalizations lots of non linear phenomenons: frequency jumps, subharmonics and chaos. In order to avoid a qualitative description, I
8 Jun

Re: Change duration of every labelled-interval (i.e. vowel) in a sou

Only tangentially related, but I went ahead and wrote a script to apply DurationTier changes to a TextGrid. You can see it here:
José Joaquín Atria
7 Jun
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