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Re: variableExists (variableName$)-Problems-SO Windows 8.1

... this checks whether there's a (numeric) variable with name "hola" If you want to check whether the variable a$ is defined then you should use:
Hans-Jörg Bibiko

variableExists (variableName$)-Problems-SO Windows 8.1

I have the following problem: once variableExists() function is used when there is a variable declared, it outputs "0". But when no variable is declared, and I

Source-Filter Synthesis with Polynomial

Hello all, I am relatively new to the use of Praat for synthesizing/manipulating purposes and I have a question about how to adjust my signal (which would be

Taking column averages and ignoring NA/bad values

Hi, I'm struggling to figure out a way in Praat to replicate the behavior of something like R's 'na.rm = TRUE' option when getting means or standard deviations

pitch settings

Hello users- I'm currently working on pitch analysis of children's speech. I found that praat is often unable to extract pitches from the onset or the offset

Re: Shift Pitch Frequencies...

Hi, Cristina! If I learn, I conceive you need to read the Pitch sequence, in semitones, and apply the desired change, adding the shift, or, multiply. The
antonio pessotti
1 Jul

Shift Pitch Frequencies...

I am trying to move the entire pitch of a sentence and a song up or down by 2 semitones in Praat using "Shift Pitch Frequencies" Of course everything works
1 Jul

Re: spaces in file names

Hi Paul I did say that I do this sort of thing a lot, calling sox, lame, and several other, mostly audio related programs. They always work, using exactly the
Peter Mew
21 Jun

Re: spaces in file names

hey, if I understand correctly, you're trying to call Praatcon from a different app, and notice that this call doesn't support spaces, whereas calling Praatcon
Paul Boersma
20 Jun

Re: spaces in file names

Hi José More tests show the following. Launching the script from the GUI, works, if the path to the folder containing praat and the files, has spaces OR no
Peter Mew
19 Jun

Re: spaces in file names

When running the script in the way I am, nothing is returned, either the script runs ( no spaces) or it does not ( with spaces) I expected something in stdout
Peter Mew
19 Jun

Re: spaces in file names

I think that is the next thing to try, to determine where the failure is occurring. I have no control over where a user might decide to install the app. At the
Peter Mew
19 Jun

Re: spaces in file names

What happens if you try to run praatcon with the following script? # Contents of test.praat writeInfoLine: "Success" # End of test.praat If it runs (ie, if it
José Joaquín Atria
19 Jun

Re: spaces in file names

Maybe you can paste here what the output of your failed attempt looks like. The error should be there. The error messages thrown by praatcon should be the same
José Joaquín Atria
19 Jun

Re: spaces in file names

Hi José This is running on a computer where changing the path environmental variable is not an option. I do this sort of thing a lot ( calling external
Peter Mew
19 Jun
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