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Re: python call a praat script fail

In a Praat script that you call from the command line or from Python you cannot use commands that require a window, such as "View & Edit". Perhaps you want to
Paul Boersma
24 Apr

Re: Sound Intensity

... with "Create Sound as pure tone…" from the New menu, supplying an amplitude of 0.2828 Pa. This gives a root-mean-square amplitude of 0.2 Pa, which is 80
Paul Boersma
24 Apr

Re: python call a praat script fail

You need to provide more information. 1. You mention Python, and yet Python makes no appearance in that snippet. 2. You only show a small piece of the code 3.
José Joaquín Atria
24 Apr

Sound Intensity

Dear Researchers,                            I need to generate a pure tone at 1000 Hz frequency and 80 Db intensity. How I can do it? Note: I
Indrajeet Chaurasia
24 Apr

python call a praat script fail

form cmd_get_sound_info sentence file_path a.wav endform s = Read from file: file_path$ ..... ..... View & Edit ----->not performed or completed Edit ----->not
24 Apr

Setting default input source for SoundRecorder

How do you set the default input source for SoundRecorder? I am using Praat 6.0.28 compiled from source on Ubuntu 14. 04. SoundRecorder starts up with HD-Audio
Zsigri Gyula
22 Apr

Spectrogram alphabet of received pronunciation UK English IPA

Hi! I am a UK university first year student studying Speech and Language Therapy, and we have started learning how to use the PRAAT software. I recorded myself
17 Apr

emotion analysis using praat

hi there, i'm totally new to praat & was wondering if anyone can advise how we can use praat to: 1) analyse an audio file to specific emotions Fyi, the audio
17 Apr

Re: regex in praat

You first need to tell us what it is you need help with. José Joaquín Atria www.pinguinorodriguez.cl On Sat, Apr 8, 2017 at 2:46 PM,
José Joaquín Atria
9 Apr

regex in praat

Hi! i need to extract duration of a particular sequence( in this case geminates) from an annotated .textgrid file and also calculate F1 and F2 of the preceding
8 Apr

Re: Calculate the energy of a stop burst

... The spectral centre of gravity is not the energy. The energy is the power, integrated over time. However, you can only measure the real power at the
Paul Boersma
7 Apr

Calculate the energy of a stop burst

Dear Praat Users, I'm measuring short lag, long lag and voice lead stop bursts so as to obtain measures of each kind and eventually create an ambiguous token
6 Apr

Re: Writing a script

You'll have to be much more specific than this. Do you have the annotations and want to measure their duration? That would be very simple. Or maybe yo do not
José Joaquín Atria
5 Apr

Writing a script

Hello, I would like to write a script that can make it possible to determine syllables’ duration in multi-syllable words. Help me please! Best, Hello, I
4 Apr

Re: how to transcribe a recorded audio file

Yes, you can: http://www.fon.hum.uva.nl/praat/manual/Intro_7__Annotation.html On 1 April 2017 at 10:17, vajiheh.ataei@... [praat-users] < ... --
Mauricio Figueroa
3 Apr
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