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Re: AmplitudeTier (period) & Shimmer

As for your second question, it seems to be using `To AmplitudeTier (period)`, as can be seen in the shimmer functions in VoiceAnalysis.cpp. See here [1] and
José Joaquín Atria

AmplitudeTier (period) & Shimmer

Dear Praat Users! Two questions are tormenting me: 1. How are the amplitudes calculated, if a sound and a corresponding PointTier is selected in the Objects
Markus Br�

Re: "Extract rows where label" not working in script

When you write Extract rows where label: "is equal to", 'sname$' you are mixing two different scripting styles: the old syntax ("shorthand") and the new syntax
José Joaquín Atria
24 Aug

"Extract rows where label" not working in script

Hello everyone, I have a TableOfReal where each row label is a sound file name. Each sound file has 6 - 8 rows. The name of the sound file is saved as a
24 Aug

Re: opening wav in praat from ELAN

... You're using an old Praat version. Please update. It also looks as if you're sending an empty sound from Elan. _____ Paul Boersma University of Amsterdam
Paul Boersma
24 Aug

Re: Add interval tier not working in script

... The command in the Objects window is actually called "Insert interval tier…". If you want to script the TextGrid window instead, then you have to tell
Paul Boersma
24 Aug

opening wav in praat from ELAN

trying to open a wav using Elan's open file in Praat option Praat seems to open and I can see waveform and spectogram but there is a popup with error message:
23 Aug

Add interval tier not working in script

Hi everyone, I'm trying to add an interval tier to existing TextGrids in my script, but it's giving me an error (Command "Add interval tier:" not available for
23 Aug

Re: Where is the file_and_code folder?

Hi there, I believe that you might be referring to a Praat scripting manual for beginners (available here
Mauricio Figueroa
23 Aug

Re: Where is the file_and_code folder?

... Yes, you may have missed the Praat website, which is www.praat.org, and perhaps you also missed the Praat manual, which is in Praat's help menus. The stuff
Paul Boersma
19 Aug

Need help for GSU Praat Tools

Dear Friends, I currently have a project that needs to use GSU Praat Tools for analyzing sound files. Unfortunately, Dr. Owren, the creator of this tool,
19 Aug

Where is the file_and_code folder?

Hi all, I'm a new user of Praat. I'm learning how to use it through some manual documents of it(they're very helpful!!!). Sometimes, I find a folder called
19 Aug

voiced pharyngealized fricatives

Sent from my Samsung device Dear colleagues,I am conducting a study on Arabic fricatives. I have had a problem in accurately identifying the beginning and end
Osama Omari
10 Aug

Accessing the speech synthesizer's dictionary?

Hello I'm working with the development of a Danish forced aligner at the LANCHART centre in Copenhagen and looking into the possibility of using DTW instead of
10 Aug

CPrAN demos at ICPhS

Next week at ICPhS we will be hosting daily demos about the CPrAN project to bring about a unified plugin manager to the Praat community. The demos will take
José Joaquín Atria
6 Aug
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