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Preferences directory in manual

Hello. I would suggest that the information is on this page should be updated. preferences directory
27 May

Re: Get Center of Gravity

Dear Paul, You can segment your fricatives in your TextGrid in a separate tier or using a univocal labelling notation. Writing a script to iterate through
Mauricio Figueroa
23 May

Re: Get Center of Gravity

The best thing is to create a TextGrid which contains a tier with labels on intervals delimiting just the fricatives you want to analyse. You can then write
Daniel Hirst
23 May

Re: Get Center of Gravity

Hi Paul, You don’t need to chop the file. You can write a script to measure these two measurements and run it on a long sound file or sound files in the same
Na Kitikanan (PGR)
23 May

Get Center of Gravity

I have a beginner's question. I need to measure the centre of gravity and skewness of the fricatives contained in a sound file. The fricatives are embedded in
23 May

Re: : Automating in Sound window

Actually, as of 5.3.78 [1] you do not need the editor's name to open it: you can do it with the object's ID as well: [1]:
José Joaquín Atria
21 May

Printing to STDOUT

I am aware that Praat can be run from the command line, and that in that case the information that would normally go to the Info window is redirected to STDOUT
José Joaquín Atria
21 May

Re: Conditional performance comparison

On 5/12/15 6:52 PM, "José Joaquín Atria jjatria@... [praat-users]"
Olaf Seibert
19 May

Re: : Automating in Sound window

Nice. If you opened a new editor, that new editor will have a new name. You need that name to "enter" that editor and issue commands for it. You can get the
José Joaquín Atria
15 May

Re: Automating in Sound window

It returns _what_ error if you try _what_? What you are saying is definitely possible. Take a look at the manual:
José Joaquín Atria
15 May

Automating in Sound window

Hi all, Is there a way to write a script with functions that performs commands in the Sound window after it is opened by writing a script that selects the
14 May

Perceptual qualities

Hi, I am studying the acoustic characteristics of sound samples for which I have collected emotion judgments. Since I am interested in perceptions, I thought
14 May

Re: Conditional performance comparison

Interesting. What about the difference with the sorted and the unsorted sets of data? Why would results be more variable with sorted sets that with randomly
José Joaquín Atria
12 May

Re: Conditional performance comparison

... the control flow in inline-ifs is compiled (each time they are encountered), whereas the control flow in block-ifs is interpreted. In the normal control
Paul Boersma
12 May

Conditional performance comparison

I recently came across this[1] (apparently famous) question on StackOverflow regarding differences in performance with sorted and unsorted arrays in C/C++ and
José Joaquín Atria
12 May
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