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Re: How to extract spectral slice plot coordinates?

You'll get a very similar type of file if you just use the same command ("Save as text file...") on the Spectrum object: File type = "ooTextFile" Object class
José Joaquín Atria
5 Feb

Synthesis with KlattGrid

Hi, I've been trying to synthesize the word "pot" using KlattGrid. I have been using the following parameters from a real recording: pitch points, voicing
4 Feb

How to extract spectral slice plot coordinates?

I have made LPC spectral slice of speech/acoustic signals. I would like to obtain the plot coordinates, to be brought over for statistical analysis elsewhere.
4 Feb

Re: PRAAT for temporal features of speech (speech rate, articulation

Hello Shaahin, Many of the features you need, such as speech rate and the proportion of silences, are provided by the Prosogram script for Praat. Prosogram
Piet Mertens
29 Jan

Empty space at the end of each line in klaat grid

Hi, This isn't a huge deal but I noticed that there is a single space inserted at the end of every line that ends in a number in a normal klaatgrid. eg (copy
29 Jan

Re: Execution time

Hi there, By using *stopwatch*. Documentation here: http://www.fon.hum.uva.nl/praat/manual/Scripting_6_5__Calling_system_commands.html Cheers! On 29 January
Mauricio Figueroa
29 Jan

Execution time

Hello please how I can estimate the execution time of a script on praat Best regards Ghaya Smidi
29 Jan

Re: PRAAT for temporal features of speech (speech rate, articulation

Hi, Shahin, Indeed, Praat does not calculate means or similar descriptives for duration automatically, unless you obtain and then store those values in a Table
Mauricio Figueroa
29 Jan

Re: Pitch Detection

Look at Celine De Looze scripts for pitch detection. best antoine Le 28 janv. 2016 à 10h47, student_new2016@...
Antoine Auchlin
28 Jan

Re: Pitch Detection

... Praat will regard any periodic signal (within the pitch range that you specify) as voiced. ... Then there must be a background noise that happens to be
Paul Boersma
28 Jan

Pitch Detection

Hello, I am new in this great Praat-Group and my english is not perfect (I am sorry for that) ;) But I hope, that I can find answers to my questions referring
28 Jan

New Member

Hello,  I am a new member of the Praat-group. Today I started a "New Topic" with some questions. I can not find my post in the forum. Can you help me? Thank
Julia Kunze
28 Jan

: Re: [praat-users] Re:: How to make a VOT continuum

Lilian and other users, The latest version of Praat (6.0.12) corrects the problem previously reported for this VOT continuum script. It is now crash-free.
27 Jan

PRAAT for temporal features of speech (speech rate, articulation rat

Hi everyone, I am using PRAAT to measure the temporal features of speech fluency. I have seen a few Youtube tutorials and gone through the related topics on
27 Jan

Re: Adding buttons to SoundEditor through a script

Just for the record, the command would look like this: Add to menu: "SoundEditor", "File", "My command...", "Parent menu", depth, "/path/to/the/script.praat"
José Joaquín Atria
22 Jan
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