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: Celena of Sweden

Congratulations on your new acquisition. I will update the Boat Register for the change of owner, but I see that there are also a lot of blanks in the
12 Oct

: Celena of Sweden

... See the photo, already on this site, of Tern, which has a redesigned gaff cutter rig by the well known British (East Coast) designer and builder Fabian
12 Oct

Celena of Sweden

Hello The beautiful trailersailer Celena reasently arived to acompany my green Privateer 20 . Arne Rudström kindly sold her to me. Now to be restored on the
Karin kennerland svensson
12 Oct

: Photos (WAS Re:: How to manage water in the cockpit)

Hi there, I'm flattered, that you think the pictures me and some friends or family members took of my boat. (It's difficult to take a picture of your boat
11 Oct

: Photos

It is high time we changed the home page photo and the top cover photo, and I have just tried to do so. The top cover photo is fine, but the letterbox format
8 Sep

: Photos

For anyone else who has not looked recently, there is also a photo of a rather nice painting of Beau Vista under sail. Worth a look. Oliver
6 Sep

Photos (WAS Re:: How to manage water in the cockpit)

Carola, I have just looked at your photos, and I must congratulate you on having acquired a particularly good looking boat. Much of that appears to be the
6 Sep

: How to manage water in the cockpit

... Thanks you so much... So you say sailing is slow and the business around it as well? Well, I hear you. The most heard comment at the jetty from any boat
4 Sep

: Re: [privateer20] Holt Mini-Reef Issues

Jonathan, Thanks for that idea. My drum is open sided but with a guide close to the drum, as is the Barton drum on the staysail, and that latter is no
1 Sep

Re: Holt Mini-Reef Issues

Hi Oliver I only have the Barton Furling system on both fore sails so they are either in or out and can be kept under tension. I assume your system has an
Jonathan Knight
1 Sep

Holt Mini-Reef Issues

I share these experiences in the hope that it may help others who have the same equipment, and also that someone else may have found a solution to the
    31 Aug
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    New file uploaded to privateer20

    Hello, This email message is a notification to let you know that a file has been uploaded to the Files area of the privateer20 group. File : /Cruising
    31 Aug

    : Welcome Aboard

    If you end up doing a deal and wish to borrow my trailer, it is a de Graaf 2600/4 swing beam multi-roller trailer, about 3 years old, twin axle, rated for
    28 Aug

    SV: [privateer20] Re:: Welcome Aboard

    Hello William, Good to hear from you. My main reason why I have to part from my Privateer Celena is the fact that I am a widover ( my wife died a couple of
      Arne Rudström
      26 Aug
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      : SV: [privateer20] Re:: Welcome Aboard

      ... Karin, I think those posts were in response to Arne Rudström, who advised that he is having to part with CELENA, rather than responding to yourself.
      26 Aug
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