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1001Boat Register

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  • olivershaw4229
    Mar 28, 2015

      Inspired by recent posts highlighting the differences between different boats,  I have now created a spreadsheet for a Boat Register,  giving core details for our various boats.

      Could I please encourage members to add their own boat details to that.

      Please don't all do so at once!     For once,  that is not a cliché;    the only way that I have found to do this is by means of a spreadsheet which each individual will need to download,  edit,   delete the original,  and upload the new version.   Obviously if we all try to do so at once there is the potential for chaos!

      A reminder of these instructions appears within the spreadsheet.

      If that doesn't work,  the fallback position is that I will try again,  but personally co-ordinating all the details.   But I hope that will be unnecessary.    However if individual members find that easier,  please feel free to email me your boat details and I will willingly add them to the spreadsheet.

      I did try using the database function that the Moderators can make available on the site,  but found that we are severely limited to how many fields can actually be used;    it seems that I can create as many fields as I like,  but only six of them can then be used!

      If we all add to this,  at an ordered and leisurely pace so that we don't step on each other's toes,  it could become a most interesting record.

      One small detail:   I gather from somewhere  -  probably the Shipmate site  -  that the moulding number may not be the same thing as the hull number.   However the only number that I have found on my hull is the one punched into an aluminium strip rivetted to the inside of the transom,  above the stern locker.    Of course we all know that the sail number displayed on any given older boat may not be a reliable identification;   it may not be original,  because the sail may be second-hand,  and we usually have no way of checking the point.    Any insight into hull numbers and moulding numbers (in the context of Privateers) would be gratefully received!


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