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  • olivershaw4229
    Mar 29, 2015
      Inspired by recent posts highlighting the differences between different boats,  I have now created a spreadsheet for a Boat Register,  giving core details for our various boats.

      I have now worked through the various Photo Albums,  and putting together the information gleaned there plus what I remember (perhaps imperfectly) from past posts on the site,  I have completed the Boat Register spreadsheet so far as I can.   

      There is enough there to be interesting,  but it is still very far from complete.

      Please feel free to complete the missing information for your own boats,  correct any errors,  update any changed information,  and even add your boat if I have either missed her out or had not known of her.    Alternatively,  please feel free to email me,  and I will update the entry.   acapella13934 "AT" talktalk.net .

      To update the records yourselves, go to Files > Boat Register.xlsx.


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