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1004Re:: Re: [privateer20] Re:: Drop Keel Overhaul

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  • olivershaw4229
    Mar 29, 2015
      I have just compared our plates. Mine is quite different at the front / top with the pivot hole just below the slot and no where near the centre of arc of the slot. So I think you are quite right in that the original plates were just re -cut with the slot becoming redundant.

      I have just seen that there is a photo of a later type of plate in the Celena album  -  Arne Rudstrom's boat.     That is a very different profile from mine,  and from your description it seems that your one is somewhere between the two.

      The "front" edge on Arne's one is very sharply cut back and makes an angle of 28 degrees to the "top"edge,  so far as I can measure it onscreen,  and there is no slot seen.   Clearly the pivot point is near the top of the plate,  and on the bisector of the "top" and "front" edges.

      My one has a "front" edge much closer to the vertical (when the plate is housed),  indeed it may even be vertical,  although I have not lowered the plate sufficiently to be sure of that.    The pivot is near the bottom,  and again is probably on the bisector of the "front" and "bottom" edges,  and the slot for the safety bolt is clearly visible.

      Both very different plates are shown,  suitably rotated for the best comparison,  in the attached composite photo.

      I have tried to upload a couple of pictures to Geolia's photo album but I can't see them in the file.

      I did wonder whether this was just delay in transmissionn,  as sometimes happens,  but they are still not there.    Perhaps you might like to try again.

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