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1075September Cruise

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  • olivershaw4229
    Jun 11, 2015
      >  September is getting close and the boat trip. Really looking forward to it. Any idea how many boats are going ? 

      Looking forward to meeting up with you then.

      Incidentally your boat will surely put mine to shame;  I have concentrated on ensuring that everything that needs to work does work,  and that everything that needs to be strong is strong,  and that she is fully equipped for serious cruising,   but the cosmetics still largely await my attention;  unfortunately I can't do everything at once.

      > Any idea how many boats are going ? 

      Few people are 100% definite;  that is par for the course.

      However I have had expressions of serious interest from yourself and Jonathan from this group (Jonathan provisional,  but he hopes to make it);   plus a curious completely blank post from Tony Harris so I don't know whether he is hoping to join us or not.

      From the home club,  at the last count there were seven including myself,  but some of those were provisional,  and I have also had at least one (and I think two) others while I have been around and about at the club which I didn't write down.

      However two of the provisional ones depend on health issues,  and one splendid provisional one depends on how long the delivery trip takes;   a retired lady doctor member is single-handing her newly purchased 20-ft gaff cutter home from Essex,  and hopes to be with us in time to join us!

      I am optimistic that it will be a very good and convivial cruise.    Perhaps this post may stimulate some others to consider joining us.

      I had been intending to post an update shortly anyway,  and will still do that probably in early July.   I then intend to be away cruising from late July through to late August,  returning home just in time to race the GP14 in the Bank Holiday series;  currently I am lying second and feel the need to overtake the member who pipped my series position at the last race... !

      That will then give me a few days' turnaround time before the cruise in company.   But I shall be largely incommunicado from late July until the very end of August,  so I hope to have as much as possible sorted before I leave.


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