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1088Thank you for the warm welcome

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  • holand.ivar
    Jul 20, 2015

      Hi Oliver and all,

      Thank you for the warm welcome.

      As you correctly write, my name is Ivar Holand and I own a Bermuda rigged Privateer 20. The name of the boat is "Perla" (Norwegian for "Perl"), or at least this is the name that was given to her after I bought her, as sadly her history as well as her previous name(s) is unknown. Currently she lives happily on the waters around Trondheim, and more specifically the island Hitra, where she has her permanent dock.

      From what I can reason from the numerous attempts to refurbish and repair, with more or less successful results, I think the boat has had several owners throughout the years. When I bought her, she was just about in an OK condition, able to sail, but she did not look good at all, and she had a small leak around the keel housing, which later turned out to be another one of a quick fix gone wrong from one of the previous owners. Several years later, and she is in a pretty good shape, but still I have several refurbishment projects in planning, especially for the inside.

      Attached is a picture of her from the other day. I have more pictures to share if you want.

      Best Regards,

      Ivar Holand

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