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1090Re:: Thank you for the warm welcome

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  • olivershaw4229
    Jul 20, 2015
      I think you may be a first in Norway for this group.

      As it happens I have a small streak of Norwegian ancestry (one great-grandfather was a Norwegian shipowner,  named Brodersen).     Perhaps partly for that reason  -  blame it on something in the genes  -  I have long had a pipedream to sail the Norwegian fjords,  but have never until now been in a position to do so.    

      However this summer I finally bought a virtually new trailer for my Privateer, and then realised that I now have the means to realise that pipedream.    Perhaps in a couple of years' time,  once I have finally finished spending serious money on the boat.    Then road and ferry to Denmark,  launch in Denmark,  and then sail from there.    If I do eventually make it we must meet up.

      I rather baulk at the length of the passage to do it by sea direct from the UK,  although when I was younger and had a regular and immensely keen crew I would have done it had I had the right boat on the right coast.   But now it is too much,  and especially so in the Privateer,  since the return trip is likely to be upwind,  gaff rig is not at its best to windward,  and the total distance is so far outside my fuel endurance that motoring to windward to get home is simply not an option.

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