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  • olivershaw4229
    Feb 27, 2016

      A warm welcome to a new member from Denmark:  ibdalgaardnielsen@ ... ...

      My apologies that I don't know how much of the first part of the email address is the Christian name,  since I don't know whether it perhaps starts with initials as well.

      My apologies also that,  in my first attempt to post this welcome message,  I discovered only when it appeared that although I had I deliberately removed the second part of the email address for reasons of security,  somehow Yahoo reinstated it.   I immediately deleted that post,  and am now trying again;  I do hope that no-one outside the Group has managed to pick up the address in the meantime.

      He writes "I bought a Privateer 20 in Okt 2015 and find much useful information at Group pages. Will like to join. I live at Aarhus in Denmark. Engineer. Designs machines for food industry.  Only 65 y old."

      Do post to say hello,  and tell us about your boat and your sailing waters.

      I like the "only" 65 years old;   clearly a man after my own heart.   I am "only" 73,  and will not admit to anything more than mildly advanced middle age.   Although I confess that I do sometimes play the age card when it suits me to do so!



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