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1219RYA Day skippers & Crewmans tickets

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  • johnturnerfm
    Jun 4, 2016

      RYA Day skipper and Crewman/women coarse in Gibraltar.

      I paid a little extra so that we could have the boat to ourselves along with one other person and the instructor. this was so that the boat wasn’t overcrowded and that we could have the double cabin. I  also decided to do the course in May as the weather in Gibraltar is bound to be great. So we flow out of Gatwick to Gibraltar but due to bad visibility we got diverted to Granada for 2 hours well the weather improved. we then took off again to get to Gib. but just as we were about to land the pilot put the engines in full thrust and aborted the landing. something to do with wind shire and impending doom. When we finally landed on the second attempt it was raining and cold. Not what I had ordered. Remember Jules didn’t want to be here in the first place.

      Anyway we decide to walk to All Aboard Sailing Academe(ASA) as it was only the other side of the runway which they close so cars and people can cross.  it ended up being a lot further than we thought and I had 2 large holdless full of all weather gear. (Which we needed). anyway we got to A.S.A.  and was greeted by a lovely ladies who informed us that we would have the boat to ourselves for the week as the other person had just dropped out. First bit of good news all day. we was told we would meet our instructor at 1700 at the boat “Endeavour” a brand new Odyssey 389 on 3 weeks old. Bonus.

      We got to the boat and meet Drew our instructor. He was a great lad about our age. We sat and chatted and then he said I have a girlfriend in Gib. I will see you tomorrow. We really did have the boat to ourselves. Jules has be diagnosed celiac recently which means she can’t eat anything with Gluten in it. I did inform them prior to going out about this and they filled the cupboards with everything you could think of all Gluten free. Including a large fruit boil which would become the baine of my life as I spent most of my time chasing fruit around the cabin every time we went sailing. lol.

      First day started at 0900 and was safety on-board all done in the rain. In the afternoon we went out into the bay and did points to steer for Jules to get a go at the helm and use to the boat movement. which she did no problem.  No sea sickness

      Day two we set sail for Spain, which wasn’t far to be fair about 30 miles. in the rain high winds and seas.

      Day 3 we went to North Africa, Morocco which was about 70 miles, only navigating with charts etc. really cool. Glade I did that. We even got quit close to where we were supposed to. lol That was also in the rain and wind. In fact it got so bad we “heave to” for a short time well we let the bigger ships go past. If you have never done that before it is a quite scary thing to set up as the boat heals right over to start with until it settles down and then it is very stable. ocean sailors have been known to do it for days. That evening I sat down in the salon on the boat and did my theory coarse exam which I had been doing on line with A.S.A.  Drew as my examiner. I passed it with flying colours, but was glade that bit was over.

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