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1268Re: [privateer20] New owner. Old boat.

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  • Sean Norris
    Nov 12, 2016
      Hi Tony

      Welcome to the ownership of a Privateer, I went the other direction to you in that I went from owning one to now being a part owner of a Sadder 32. However I had 12 very happy years with my Privateer.

      On the two questions you asked. As regards raising and lowering the last I had an aluminium last and was a birthday rig with a pivot pin on the tabernacle so it was only a mater of releasing the forestays and bringing a line thru the bow roller in reverse and attaching it to the fore job halyard and playing out the line until I could take the weigh of the add. Raising it was the reverse. The rig wE surprisingly heavy all the same.

      On the outboard, My boat came with a 6hp engine which I felt was too big as I felt that there was no extra benefit in driving her at one than half throttle. if I had changed engine I would probably have bought a 4HP but I do know some feel that fully laden the power is needed. In the well there was a timber panel about1 inch thick to rest the aft portion of the engine bracket on. I had a small piece of 1 inch removable timber between the clamps and the fiberglass to protect it. I believe though some have used stainless on the outboard well. 

      A word of caution. I wonder how your cockpit drains. in one it drained to the outboard well which required a bung as under engine or with more than 1 on board the drain was under water!

      On Sat, 12 Nov, 2016 at 19:21, Tony Glover tonytheskipper@... [privateer20]
      <privateer20@...> wrote:

      As a new member, may I introduce myself.
      My name is Tony Glover and I live in the Midlands. Having sold my 40' Beneteau a couple of years ago, I couldn't resist buying a trailer-sailer so that I can visit places that are out of bounds with a 2 meter keel bolted underneath.

      Having scoured the small ads, I finally found a Privateer 20 in Suffolk for the right price.
      We managed to get the boat home (on the 2nd attempt). 
      It was too big to fit on the vehicle trailer and the boat trailers wheel bearings sounding like coffee grinders.
      We returned the following week and, with new bearings fitted, all went well.

      I've now commenced the rebuild starting with the the replacement of the leaking port lights and washboards. Hopefully, with the addition of new coach roof vents, it should make things dry down below.
      Internally, I intend to reinforce sections of the bilges and generally get her ready for sea.

      I'll then start on the interior over the winter (it's great having her on the drive rather than 110 miles away on the South coast!).

      A couple of questions someone might be able to help me with.

      1. I've yet to step the mast. Is there a preferred technique to raising it single handed? Mine is an extraordinarily heavy wooden gaff rigged tree trunk!

      2. I'm going to need an outboard. The well has been sealed off to make a gas locker but my intention is to return it to it's original function. Can anyone advise on the fixing of the outboard inside the well (mine has nothing inside at present). Also, what size will fit and are there any potential pitfalls?

      Any suggestions gratefully appreciated.

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