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1269Re:: New owner. Old boat.

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  • olivershaw4229
    Nov 12, 2016
       I've yet to step the mast. Is there a preferred technique to raising it single handed? Mine is an extraordinarily heavy wooden gaff rigged tree trunk!

      My boat also has the gaff rig,  with that moderately heavy wooden mast,  and I made up a wooden strut for this purpose (photos attached).

      At one end it has a wooden saddle which fits astride the heel of the mast;  I lined it with a piece of carpet tile,  glued to the jaws and to the heel of the strut,  and the width between the jaws is such that with the carpet tile in place it is a nice fit.

      At the other end I have a pair of deck eye plates on opposing faces (the top and the bottom faces when the strut is horizontal.

      The inner forestay clips onto the upper one of these eye plates,  and one of the mainsheet blocks onto the lower plate.    The other mainsheet block clips onto the deck fitting for the inner forestay.

      To complete the arrangement,  I have a pair of light guy ropes from the end of the strut to fittings on the side decks abeam of the mast tabernacle.   But these guys go slack as the mast is raised,  and I am not convinced that I actually need them;   the strut tends to remain correctly aligned anyway,  and I have very effective control of its alignment because I am standing right beside it as I raise or lower the mast.

      I have used this system for at least two seasons now,  perhaps three,  and find that it works very well.

      Hope this helps.

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