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1284Re: [privateer20] Pre-purchase checks.

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  • Tony Baker
    Nov 23, 2016

      Thanks for the advice Tony. Apart from the light lay-up and the sticking keel, all pretty much what you would check on any boat. Encouraging to know that they don't have any major built-in faults.
      Hi Sean, I live in the Irish midlands, so just a day trip for me to West Cork. If the one I'm going to look at doesn't work out l'll be in touch.
      Thanks to you both, Tony.


      And I concur with Tony's comment that they are very lightly built;   indeed it is I who alerted him to that,  but them omitted to mention it in my own reply to you!

      Just as I also missed that you had already said she has no outboard.   And there is already some recent discussion on here about what outboard/s to consider for this boat.


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