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1287Staysail Dimensions

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  • olivershaw4229
    Dec 9, 2016

      Can anyone help me with the (accurate) luff length for the staysail,  please?

      This is for the gaff rig version;  there is a query,  arising from the original sales brochure,  whether headsail areas are interchanged between the gaff and Bermudian versions,  but the printed data which gives rise to this query may be merely a misprint.

      Following the theft of my car last September,  with a lot of kit from the boat inside it,  this is one of the many things that I have to replace for next season.

      The luff length is the critical dimension,  since the available distance from deck fitting to halliard block is limited,  I  need to allow for furling gear within that distance,  and I insist on being able to properly tension the luff  -  so I don't want to find that I end up with the top swivel chock-a-block with the halliard block.

      I will shortly measure the bare rig,  on the boat,  (I shall have to re-step the mast first),  but a check with an actual sail would also be useful.

      My own measurements of all the sails last summer were made with the sails laid flat on the ground,  but not properly tensioned,  and were intended to be no more than an approximate guide;   I never dreamed that I would need to have a new sail made in quite these circumstances.    But on that limited basis I made the luff length to be 3370 mm,  or 11.06 feet.

      However Jeckells,  who will be making the new sail,  tell me that their file gives a luff length of 12 ft,  which is 3660 mm.   Thus a foot difference,  which is a substantial discrepancy.

      Some considerable time ago I had a limited number of dimensions from Lucas Sails,  limited because their file is incomplete,  which gives the luff length as 3180 mm;  different again.

      And in December 2009 member Spiko13 posted his sail dimensions,  which admittedly are for the bermudian rig version,  giving a staysail luff length as 3500 mm.

      So it seems that we have four significantly different figures,  and I cannot believe that there really is that much variation between different Privateer 20 staysails.    Can anyone conveniently measure up please?    That is particularly for the gaff rig version (just in case there is any difference).



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