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1290Boat Register

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  • olivershaw4229
    12 Dec 10:50

      We have a number of new members who may not know that we are trying to gradually build up a database of the various Privateers owned by members.

      I also rather suspect that a number of longer established members may be unaware of it ...

      This is purely for interest,  and of course anyone who prefers to keep their boat's details private is welcome to do so;   but I suspect that many owners quite like the idea of their boat details being made available to other members,  and also that it is of at least some interest to other members,   so I would invite all owners to enter (or update) their boat details.   The record is only as good as the information that members supply!

      The register can be found in our Files section,  as an Excel spreadsheet at this stage;    go to Files and then look for Privateer Boat Register.xlsx  -  or indeed it looks as though the filename that I have just posted may even serve as a direct link;   at least it is worth trying.

      That will show you the information we currently hold,  and the type of information that would help to complete the register.   If you like to add or update the details of your own boats you can either do this directly,  following the instructions on the first page,  or you can send me an email and I will then do it for you.


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