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  • olivershaw4229
    Dec 12, 2016
      As a postscript to my reply,  which is still in transmission through cyberspace,  although it looked like a link when I posted it I subsequently discovered that it may not be.    At any rate,  I got a similar result myself,  so either it isn't a proper link (I didn't specifically attempt or intend to set on up),  or there is a fault in the system which may later be resolved.

      Forget attempting to use it as a link;   click on the Files tab (above the message pane,  second from right),  and you should then see a whole host of files,  and indeed folders.     And,  in passing,  you may well find them a most useful resource.   Fairly well down the list the Excel spreadsheet that you are looking for,  identify it by name,  and click on it.

      The wonders of technology  ...    ...

      Hope this helps,


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