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1332Re:: Chemical toilets.

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  • olivershaw4229
    23 Jan 08:50
      Mine is a Porta Potti,  and from memory I am fairly sure that it is the Model 145.    I am also reasonably sure that it is the smallest model in the range.   If necessary I can check next time I go down to the boat,  which may well be this week.

      The difference between different Porta Potti models appears to be in the depth of the base unit (the holding tank),  and this therefore affects both the overall height and the depth below the rim of the holding tank  -  and on my boat at least it is that rim which supports the weight of the unit.    If you were to go for one of the larger models you might well find both that it would not fit,  and also that even if that could be overcome there might not then be enough headroom to be able to sit on it.

      Many caravan dealers stock them.    Porta Potti were at one time the only manufacturer producing a flushing portable unit (the earlier Elsan and Racasan were non-flushing types,  and much less pleasant (or acceptable) to use);   however there are now other manufacturers in the market.   

      The alternative manufacturers' products may not necessarily be dimensionally compatible;   that won't matter in a caravan,  but in the Privateer the unit drops inside an enclosure in the moulding.   If in doubt,  measure up.

      On my boat there is a horizontal piece of stout plywood inside the moulding,  with an aperture cut out to receive the bottom of the holding tank.   If the only issue with a different model is the dimensions of the necessary aperture that piece of ply could of course be replaced by a fresh one cut to suit the particular toilet,  but measure up everything else first before going down that route.

      Hope this helps,


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