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1335Re:: Chemical toilets.

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  • olivershaw4229
    23 Jan 11:59
      My boat has the cabin sole moulded in one with the berths and the recess to receive the base of the toilet is moulded into the starboard berth

      So has mine,  but then the plywood that I referred to fits inside that GRP recess and is firmly secured in place.   But I would have to look at the boat in the flesh to ascertain just how it is secured.

      I suspect that the plywood on your boat may be missing,  and that you may need to replace it;    if not,  you will certainly need to address the problem of the angle which the bottom of the boat makes to the recess,  since it is a long way out of perpendicular.   You don't want the loo supported only along the outer edge at the bottom (or possibly even just at one of the outer corners at the bottom),  and then relying on pressure along the inboard top edge to keep it upright and in place.


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