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1344Re: [privateer20] Re:: Battery charging.

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  • Tony Glover
    Feb 5, 2017
      Hi Tony
      I've been looking into fitting new electrics to my Privateer.
      As I need to get a new outboard, I thought I'd get one with a coil to charge the battery.
      The extra cost is minimal, if anything.
      However, it seems that the advertised wattage output is only achieved at or near maximum revs.

      I may still go for a coil version outboard for backup but a pair of modern solar panels looks likely to be more effective.
      Will let you know how my installation goes.

      On 3 February 2017 at 22:34, tony08baker@... [privateer20] <privateer20@yahoogroups.co.uk> wrote:

      Thanks for all that Oliver.

      I have a permanent berth at our local club with electricity laid on, so I planned to use an ordinary battery charger when there. It's when away for a week or two that I need something else. The outboard charging option I was a bit doubtful about as the idea is to sail, not motor. Solar panels then seem to be the most realistic. I have read that it is recommended you have a regulator to avoid overcharging the battery, have you found that necessary? 

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