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1345Re:: Battery charging.

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  • olivershaw4229
    Feb 5, 2017
      > As I need to get a new outboard, I thought I'd get one with a coil to charge the battery.    The extra cost is minimal, if anything.
      However, it seems that the advertised wattage output is only achieved at or near maximum revs.

      > I may still go for a coil version outboard for backup but a pair of modern solar panels looks likely to be more effective.

      If you need to buy a new outboard anyway both decisions are eminently sensible.  

      But I think there is a bigger issue with the outboard.   Most outboards are designed to drive lightweight planing boats at planing speeds,  rather that punching displacement boats through a seaway.    They will do it,  of course,  but not as well as one designed for the job.

      Other things being equal,  if I were buying again I would be looking for one with a "saildrive" gearbox and propeller;   i.e. a large diameter prop,  and either with a much finer pitch or a bigger reduction gearing.

      My 5 h.p. Honda has served me well,  but even with the fine pitch option (and there is a choice of only two props for this engine) it is still over-propped;   the engine sounds as though it is labouring slightly and is unable to achieve the revs that I would expect,  and the boat is more seriously impeded by strong headwinds or by head seas than I would expect.    It is not a major issue,  but it is a detail worth thinking about when buying a new engine.

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