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1350Re:: Hollow skeg revisited.

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  • olivershaw4229
    Mar 1, 2017
      The real question I want to ask is this, I'm thinking of filling the hollow skeg under the stern locker with concrete. That will add a little bit of ballast, but also strengthen the skeg. 

      >  Is this a good idea or not?

      I quite like the idea,  and initially it seems good,  but I haven't fully thought it through.     How will you actually get the concrete into the space,  and be reasonably certain that the space is full?

      Certainly that hollow skeg is a vulnerability on the boat,  and I had further problems with my one last August,  at a different location and for a different reason.   To date I have concentrated on external reinforcement,  but if the informed consensus is that concrete filling the skeg is a good idea it would seem to add both modest strength and a significant impediment to flooding if the worst did happen and the skeg were damaged while afloat.


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