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1356Re: [privateer20] Re: Hollow skeg revisited.

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  • Jonathan Knight
    Mar 2, 2017
      Fresh water indicates a leak from above.
      Use of concrete sounds too much like a 'once in the life of the boat' operation. If you damage the hull how would you work around the concrete, and how much damage might you do trying to get it out. 
      It could be cast in sections but how much would that strengthen the boat?
      It would defeat the designers concept that the rear balast was adjustable to allow for differing crew.
      I find sausages of sand work well. Is it possible that slightly loose material will act a little like the proverbial snooker balls and transmit energy. The sausages of sand are easily got rid of for a long tow and easily dried out. 
      The internal v of the skeg provides a good sump / low point for any loose water in the boat.
      My bilge pump has a two way valve immediately below it so that I can set it to draw from the bottom inside of the skeg or directly from the cockpit floor. Touch wood that I never have to pump water from the skeg. To ensure that the sausages of sand do not affect the flow of water from anywhere in the boat to the skeg I have a 40mm waste pipe lying the length of the v of the skeg in the sole locker.
      I don't know that the skeg is a general weakness, mine has taken quite a bit of thumping. So far as I know only Oliver has been unlucky in this regard. It is likely that the construction method is variable depending on age of boat, like a number of other design features. As stated in the brochure mine has the central balast bonded into the cabin floor and therefore shows no flex or weakness there.
      Regards Jonathan

      On 2 Mar 2017 08:12, "acapella13934@... [privateer20]" <privateer20@...> wrote:

      That is what I don't know.

      The short answer is that it is certainly not easily visible;   but if you look from very low down,  and with the aid of a torch,  you might well then be able to see it.

      This is what I have never put to the test.

      And to attempt it now,  on my boat,  would entail first removing all the extra ballast that I added in 2014  ...   ...


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