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  • Jonathan Knight
    Mar 2, 2017
      My last message comments on the wall of the lazarette. 
      As regards fresh water in the lazarette,  I find that when the boat is parked up on the trailer there only has to be a slight slope to the rear for rain  water to overflow the upstand of the lazarette locker under its lid and thus drain into the lazarette. I have contemplated sealing the lid. However as I keep spare fuel in the lazarette it needs to allow fumes to escape. If I did seal it then I would have to put a vent in the lid. I have not found it a big enough problem to do this.

      Regards Jonathan

      On 2 Mar 2017 08:54, "tony08baker@... [privateer20]" <privateer20@...> wrote:

      OK, on my boat, if I'm in the cabin and peer into the space beneath the cockpit sole, I cannot see right to the end of the skeg, because the bulkhead that forms the stern locker, or lazarette, comes right down into the keel/skeg. Therefore, the very after end of the skeg underneath the lazarette is a completely enclosed and inaccessible space. (Or it was until I cut an inspection hatch in the base of the lazarette.) 

      It is that small space under the lazarette that I fancy filling with concrete.
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