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1360Re:: Re: [privateer20] Re:: Hollow skeg revisited.

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  • Jonathan Knight
    2 Mar
      NoJust read Oliver message which must have just preceeded mine.
      Under my sole the glass fibre moulding cleanly follows the deepening v of the skeg as far as the lazarette wall where it is sealed from the lazarette. There is no 'floor' just the shape of the hull.
      My lazarette has a loose slatted floor easily removable. This allows me to see to the foot of the lazarette to check for water. I don't have any pumping arrangement for this space.
      Just read your further message confirming that you are referring to the lazarette space only Peter and that just goes to show how variable the boats are.
      Stick with bags of sand that you can get rid of.
      Regards Jonathan

      On 2 Mar 2017 08:00, "tony08baker@... [privateer20]" <privateer20@... > wrote:

      Hi Oliver, 

      Just to clarify one point, if you are in the cabin and you look into the space under the cockpit sole, can you see all the way to the end of the skeg?
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