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  • olivershaw4229
    Mar 2, 2017
      Perhaps better,   get rid of the gas,  and use an alcohol cooker.   

      For an LPG system to be safe aboard a boat it needs to be a fully engineered marine quality installation.   That will have a vented gas locker,  marine grade cooker (i.e. with marine grade taps),  manual and automatic (solenoid-operated) cutoff valves,  bilge blower,  and gas detector in the bilge (and suitably coupled to the cutoff valve and the bilge blower).  

      An LPG system that meets that requirement is seriously expensive,  and difficult to install on such a small boat as the Privateer.   An alcohol stove is very much simpler,  easier to install,  and somewhat less expensive.

      I am not sure about the stowage for the petrol,  though.    Since I don't normally use the inland waterways I don't get involved with the Boat Safety Scheme;   its remit does not extend to seagoing,  so I can store my petrol in the lazarette without compunction.    But a quick check on the private boat page of the BSS website seems to indicate that they are concerned about:
      • LPG installations
      • Gas or oil fuel for appliances
      • Portable fuel tanks for inboard engines may not be placed inside the engine space/s
      • Mains power
      Crucially,  I see no mention there of outboard motors,  or their fuel.   This is not to say that it is not assessed,  nor that if it is assessed they would refuse to accept it in the lazarette;   merely that they don't seem to mention it so you would need to make further enquiries.


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