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  • Jonathan Knight
    2 Mar
      Fortunately when I got my BSS this wasn't raised as an issue and the lazarette was considered fine for the 6 gallon petrol tank I have in it as the lazarette is external to the accommodation and is well vented through the lid. By the time it is filled with a tank that size there isn't a lot of room for fumes. At the time of the BSS I had a portable gas stove which is considered outside the scope of the certificate as are its small canisters. I have since, like Oliver, gone over to use a ridiculously expensive spirit stove, which is acceptable under the BSS.

      Regards Jonathan

      On 2 Mar 2017 10:34, "Tony Glover tonytheskipper@... [privateer20]" <privateer20@...> wrote:

      Hi Jonathan.
      I'm getting my boat ready for inspection by the Boat Safety Scheme chaps.
      I was planning have spare fuel and an LPG canister in the lazerette. However, this is not allowed with BSS as petrol and gas vapours are heavier than air so the locker would need a drain hole in the very bottom (undetwater in my case!).
      Perhaps a sealed false floor with a drain above waterline?
      Regards Tony

      On 2 Mar 2017 9:40 a.m., "Jonathan Knight jontsknight@... [privateer20]" <privateer20@... > wrote:

      My last message comments on the wall of the lazarette. 
      As regards fresh water in the lazarette,  I find that when the boat is parked up on the trailer there only has to be a slight slope to the rear for rain  water to overflow the upstand of the lazarette locker under its lid and thus drain into the lazarette. I have contemplated sealing the lid. However as I keep spare fuel in the lazarette it needs to allow fumes to escape. If I did seal it then I would have to put a vent in the lid. I have not found it a big enough problem to do this.

      Regards Jonathan

      On 2 Mar 2017 08:54, "tony08baker@... [privateer20]" <privateer20@... > wrote:

      OK, on my boat, if I'm in the cabin and peer into the space beneath the cockpit sole, I cannot see right to the end of the skeg, because the bulkhead that forms the stern locker, or lazarette, comes right down into the keel/skeg. Therefore, the very after end of the skeg underneath the lazarette is a completely enclosed and inaccessible space. (Or it was until I cut an inspection hatch in the base of the lazarette.) 

      It is that small space under the lazarette that I fancy filling with concrete.

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