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1373Re:: Painting drop keel

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  • holand.ivar
    Mar 22, 2017

      One of the first things I did when I got my Privateer was to do a total overhaul of the swing keel. I removed it completely and got a local company to re-apply galvanization. It was only 50 EUR's or so for getting this done. They sandblasted it to remove all old paint, etched away any rust and reapplied zinc through hot galvanization.

      The way I removed my keel was that I was able to slide the boat slightly sideways on the trailer, so that the keel went clear of a mid-beam in the trailer itself. Then I dug a 30 cm deep hole, over which I positioned the trailer. This way I was able to lower the keel enough, remove the bolt, and remove the keel completely.

      What I noticed when removing the keel was that the bolt holding the keel to the boat was almost gone from corrosion. Therefore, it was also good to get that replaced.

      After I got the keel back, I painted it with the same paint that I used under the waterline of the rest of the boat. I also made sure to check that the paint could be used on galvanized surfaces. I also reattached the rubber padding, prior to painting.

      This is something I have not regretted doing. Now after 10 years the keel does not have a single sign of corrosion, and not a single piece of the paint has chipped.

      Best of luck

      Ivar Holand

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